Monday, April 24, 2017

The Day I Turn 27

This is my first entry in 2017, time flies so fast. I had been working for 1 year and a month now. I have finished medical, orthopedic and surgical postings. Currently I am in O&G posting as a fourth poster. I think I am doing okay so far, but there are a lot more things to learn.

I am only one month old in O&G - three more months left. After this posting, I have to go for paediatric and ED/Anaes - another 8 months in total. I cant wait to finish housemanship - in need of a looong vacation! It would be nice to be travelling again, oh oh maybe I should start planning from now! Where do I wanna go? New Zealand? Ireland? Japan! Oh boy just thinking about it makes me excited.

For this past one year, I had been focusing too much on work. Most of my free time would be me catching up on sleep, doing laundry, reading and surfing the net in my room. I occasionally go out for a good massage, facial, watching movies or go shopping but I would rather spend my time at home though. If you ask me, I am actually not much of an outdoor person. My favourite time is when I am reading a novel on my day off, enjoying a cup of hot tea while its raining outside. It feels so so good.

I only have time to go back to my hometown during end of my posting, usually I apply for at least three days leave before starting a new posting. My parents sometimes come to KL because of my dad's work and I get to meet them. My two sisters are studying here in UIA Gombak, we do hangout together whenever we are free. My eldest sister is doing her MOship in Limbang, Sarawak so we dont meet up much. My other sister is in high school, another one in primary school. So far, they are all doing well, I miss them though. Cant wait for Eid to comeee, hopefully I get few days off to go back to Kuantan!

As I am getting older, the most frequently asked question is about my 'single and not available' status. My Mom is always worried about me (and my eldest sister) of being so 'uninterested' to find a life partner that she had several potential candidates lined up for us. As time passed by, she stopped pressuring us so much I think it's because of our attitude. We just don't care. Haha sorry Mom I love you. Well, I am well aware that most of my friends my age are married and have children, I am happy for them. But I do enjoy being single at the moment, feeling free, no commitment. Yes, I am going to get married someday, but not too soon. Hmm maybe next year after I finish housemanship. With whom? That shall remain a mystery haha (read : I dont have a clue who he is). I do have a few that I like, but it's not that easy. Being so busy at work doesnt help much. Plus, I need to save some money for the future. I dont have a house yet, or even a car. The car that I am using now is my Mom's, and my younger sister can't wait to take it away from me next year hahaha

Anyway, lets take one step at a time. And go with the flow. Enjoy every moment while it lasts.

Happy birthday to me!


Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend Farah is now married! I am so happy for her!

Nikah ceremony was held on 4th November in Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah, UIA Kuantan.

Hantaran from bride's side

Officially married

Groom's family

Bride's family

The wedding ceremony was held on the next day, 5th November in Kelab Golf Diraja Kuantan, Pahang. I was her bridesmaid!

Sama Cantik Sama Padan ;)


Hahh Geng UIA unite! :D

Eat Eat

With the couple

Me with Khairin, my high school friend
After 9 years, finally we met in a wedding!

Congratulations Rafiq and Farah!
Wishing you a happy life ahead! :D

Sunday, July 24, 2016

End of Medical Posting - EXTENDED

So I got extended. Instead of 4 months to complete the medical posting, I had it extended by 18 days. 

Well, actually big boss signed my logbook on 21st of July - making it 2 weeks extension. But I applied leave for 3 days.

4 months and 18 days in medical

Yay! End of medical posting!

If you ask me how am I feeling right now, I would say.... relieved. 

Being a first poster - starting in Medical posting - in Hospital Ampang - it was tough. 

The first two weeks of tagging, I was scolded and even cried in front of everyone, made mistakes here and there - it was an unforgettable experience. 

As time goes by, I learned how to avoid certain doctors to minimise the damage. I learned how sometimes, its best to just keep quiet and accept the scolding even if its not my doing. I learned how to mind my own business. I learned some people can be selfish and rude. I learned how to be a good doctor by watching the senior doctors and specialists work. I learned a lot in this posting.

And I will keep on learning. Tomorrow I'll start my second posting, not sure which one yet. I'll find out tomorrow.

See you next time!