Thursday, April 24, 2008

sweet 18

so you have absolutely NO IDEA that today is my birthday. fine, ill get my present from you next year. hehhe.
so far my friends had already wish me happy birthday. my sis sent me a sms like this "ain, happy birthday". just like that. so i replied "couldnt you make the message any shorter? you should wish me have a good day ahead or may god bless you". geez, such a lazy sis.
i didnt ask anything from my parents coz you know what? i already got my gift. now im wearing BRACES. so i consider that as a gift. i did it in private clinic so it cost quite a lot.
then i already got my digital camera. a red one. i think thats enough for me.
owh, im such a sweet daughter. =)

Sunday, April 13, 2008


last friday me n my family went to kuala lumpur.. because of the book fair. we never missed it since few years back. due to my mom's eagerness to go shopping in the mall, only me + my elder sis + my dad went in. my target is : reaching for the stars by sheikh mustapha shukor al-masrie - a tribute to our angkasawan's younger brother who died in the absence of his beloved brother, sheikh muszaphar shukor. actually my younger sister asked me to buy it so i read it first before handing it to her.
i shed my tears at the moment i read through the pages. it is a great book - a book dedicated to ajil written by amus, abang, opik, arwin and abah. they wrote about their sadness, happiness and shared the memories with ajil. once i recalled reading through a line almost sound like this - it feels like you are missing a piece of jigsaw puzzle after you have fitted all the 99 puzzles into the right place - telling us here that all five of the brothers have a strong bonding of relationship - when one of them is missing, they all feeling empty inside.
may God bless ajil's soul. may he rests in peace.

Friday, April 11, 2008

the so-called car accident

since i was waiting for my driving license to be fully processed, my dad asked me to get in the car and try out my driving skills. eagerly, i was determined to show him that he can take his hat off and give me some credits for my skills. so that evening, i took him and my two sisters out in my-mom-to-be cefiro car. of course it was an easy task to drive that automatic-driven silver car. i met my friend on the way back to my house and i honked happily at her. just to show off, obviously.
then i entered our back gate to park the car in the car porch. i thought 'yes, my dad seems to be proud of my show. after this, i can ask for a car. hm, what bmw series would i want?' i grinned. i pressed the brake with my feet to stop the car. but it was still moving. then BANG!!! i hit the slipper racks attached to the wall of my house. opsie. i looked at my dad's face. white. and i knew at that instant im not impressing him enough. my bmw vanished into thin air.
we got out of the car. there was some severe damages and the platboard number almost fell out. my mom came to have a look. i was being nagged for 30 minutes for my careless action. i asked my dad 'did i pass the test?' instantly my dad said 'no you failed. i was gonna give you 90% but due to the accident, automatically you failed'. i laughed and asked him for a second chance. with a smile he said 'no more after this'. but i know he was joking.
later that day, i suggested to my mom to replace the racks with pillows and soft mattress so that there will be no more car damages after this. my mom blamed my dad for not telling me earlier to press the brake. my dad blamed me for pressing the fuel pedal instead of the brake. and for
me, i blamed that STUPID RACKS for being there.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

this not-so-bored life

if u think watching tv, 'facebook'ing and eating all day are interesting, then think again. im exhausted of this monotonous routine. yes, i do have other activities like attending those afs talks around school in kuantan, practising my driving skills and annoying my lil sister but then.. these things cant be compared to 'back-to-school' life. you know what i mean, keeping your nose in the schoolbooks, revising the sub-topics for the next class, studying and doing assignments and those silly stuffs. even though once i recalled naming them as bored-to-death activities several years back, now i MISS them. a lot actually. i just cant wait to go to college soon. i swear im not lying. =)