Sunday, April 13, 2008


last friday me n my family went to kuala lumpur.. because of the book fair. we never missed it since few years back. due to my mom's eagerness to go shopping in the mall, only me + my elder sis + my dad went in. my target is : reaching for the stars by sheikh mustapha shukor al-masrie - a tribute to our angkasawan's younger brother who died in the absence of his beloved brother, sheikh muszaphar shukor. actually my younger sister asked me to buy it so i read it first before handing it to her.
i shed my tears at the moment i read through the pages. it is a great book - a book dedicated to ajil written by amus, abang, opik, arwin and abah. they wrote about their sadness, happiness and shared the memories with ajil. once i recalled reading through a line almost sound like this - it feels like you are missing a piece of jigsaw puzzle after you have fitted all the 99 puzzles into the right place - telling us here that all five of the brothers have a strong bonding of relationship - when one of them is missing, they all feeling empty inside.
may God bless ajil's soul. may he rests in peace.

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