Monday, June 30, 2008


ive concluded that the usage of internet here is so extremely crucial, for me and other students as well. bro mahathir, my bio teacher has his own blogspot and he always update it with the latest news. when i said news, that means all the tutorials, class venues, events, quizzes etc. and now i HAVE to get down here in cc almost everyday! plus, i have to pay RM2 FOR AN HOUR!! that is so damn expensive.

yeah maybe u thought that its the normal fee for all the ccs out there but damn, i still think they should make it free for the netsurfing here! f course theres the free service of internet in the library but then, who are eager enough to go up-and-down the hill every day just for the sake of surfing the internet?? obviously not me.

Friday, June 27, 2008


guess what? now ive been able to connect my laptop through the net in the cc. hahaha. feels good. the computers here are all not updated with the latest software so its been quite difficult for me to enjoy any programs. but now everythings gonna change!! change for the better!!

actually im planning on buying the broadband usb thingy from celcom or maxis but im still thinkin whether its useful or not. obviously its useful but whether its essential for me or just the-so-called-accessory.

*ive download my picture in iium here through my mobile. see below? dont worry ive got lots more pics in my phone. later ill put em here.

so... im gonna go busying myself enjoying this. adios.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

medic kids

durin th dpartment briefin


argh its been long time ago i wrote on this so-called imaginary wall. life change. people change. and so do i. no need to explain. no need to elaborate more. its just between me and Him.

okay so im eating black forest cadbury now. while browsing through the net, wasting some time in this cyber cafe in iium petaling jaya. im tried to bring my laptop here but it seemed like theres an error connection. i have NO IDEA why.

know whats the symbolic act of eating chocolate? worry? tense? overjoyed? for fun?

let me the only one who knows.