Thursday, July 31, 2008


thing that i cant live without. not my handphone. nor my digi cam. or my laptop. but my rat. my beloved rattie. haha. just being dramatic here. come on... life's pretty boring here, but im going on holiday!! this week; saturday! only for a week holiday then got exam after that. phew.. so tired maa..

read about news today? haha interesting enough to make me bought the news straits time and waste my rm1.20. nope, im not gonna tell you, read it yourself!! haha.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


we went to the curve; what else to do? shopping! haha, silly poses; there's nothing to look at, actually..

planning to replace my mom's cefiro with honda accord. but then, the accident might change my dad's mind, who knows...


remember bout the so-called accident i did few months ago? nope, this one was worse than that. it happened at night when we wanted to go back to masjid ghufran after visiting my uncle. my dad; maybe he was too tired after busying himself all day long kind of entering the wrong lane while driving. supposedly he entered the tunnel through the right lane but he drove into the lane where cars drove towards us. swooosh!! just imagine how worst it can get!!

then my dad hit a motorcycle. bam!! i thought 'we are so dead. the motorcylist might already dead. oh my god..' then he stood and came towards my dad's window. he talked and complained about the way my dad drove. my dad apologised several times and said it was his fault. he was so sorry and gave him rm200. actually the motorcyclist was ok. no problem with his motorcycle. but see my dad'd mpv? damn. it was so bloody badly damaged.

haha. i took this pic and my sis insisted on taking her pic too. so ironic, isn't it?

when i reached the hostel, i texted my sis asking about how much did it cost. then she replied 'its almst 11k 2 repair our mpv n myb tkes time at lst 1 n 1/2 mnth 2 wait 4 da order. abh gotta claim 4 insrance 1st n lodge a plice rport'. i was like '11k? better buy a new car, then.' that is why we are not encouraged to buy imported vehicles. it is so fuckingly difficult to find the spare parts. have to order them and take a bloody long time. damn. now im swearing like hell; thinking my dad might feel so frustrated over his beloved mpv. shit. stop swearing. dammit. stop it.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


excellent. fantastic. fabulous. now im in masjid ghufran, a kind of place where the musafirs can stay for several days; in the masjid. we've been here quite a number of times but its only know that i know that the wifi is available here! haha. im planning on staying up all night. life is great.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


see that? how on earth did the editor accept the picture of a girl with closed eyes to be a part of the cfsiium students handbook? omg, cant believe my pic is in the book! not the nice one, obviously. i screamed when i saw that pic on my study desk in my room yesterday. clearly, my friend left the page open on purpose.

just now i had my arabic class. and when my ustaz entered the class, i saw he was holding the books. and put them on the table. he looked at me. damn, with a sarcastic smile. oh. my. god. then i shifted my attention to the scenery out of the window. my face was hot. i tried hard to hide my laugh. twice he looked at me, trying to tell me something that i already know what that was.

after the doa was recited, he called me 'kak pah, meh sini'. i blushed. 'haa?? ape ustaz?' i asked innocently. 'meh sini..' then i went to his table. he showed me that pic and asked 'sape ni? macam mane boleh masuk dalam ni, ni?' smiling. again. he just wanted to embarass me in front of my classmates. yeah guess he did that successfully. i just smiled and said nothing.

in the middle of the class, he sat near to me and asked 'kenape tutup mate dalam gambar tu? tidur ke?' he just didnt want to drop that subject. phew. then after a while he said 'ustaz tengok gambar tu, sakit perut ustaz ketawa'. again! omg, how can i get this ustaz to teach me? sometimes i said to him 'ala ustaz, tu bukan gambar saye, salah orang tu..' he then answered 'ustaz duduk sini dah brape tahun tak dapat pun masuk dalam majalah..' haha. lucky me.

when i asked stupid questions, and continued talking he said 'kang ustaz masuk gambar tu dalam u-tube kang..' the class burst into laughter. god, i just wish someone will take me out of that class somehow. immediately. coz i know he will never forget that topic easily. god please.


yesterday we had our presentation in english class; argumentative topics. then most of my classmates sure do bring out many interesting topics like women cooperate better than men, steroids should be banned, why marriage while studying is better, rear seat belts should not be made compulsory and others.

i find it amusing.. that mostly we, the girls are more matured and well-organized than the boys. should you see the girls speak out loud with high level of confidence and provide every single details about the topic, then you surely agree with me.

maybe the boys out there sure have a lot of skills in other fields, but still their presentation skills should be improved. oh boy, i am not being sexist here. its just that.. looking at the boys in my english class made me realise that in certain things, girls are way... better than the boys.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


my speech text on g'rimis annual general meeting to select the mainboard club representatives.

terima kasih saudara pengerusi majlis, yang berbahagia penasihat baru g’rimis, madam rosniza osman, yang disanjungi mantan presiden g’rimis 2007/2008, brother mohd nazri bin zaid, yang dikasihi presiden g’rimis 2008/2009, brother mohd fariq adnan, barisan jawatankuasa g’rimis serta rakan-rakan sekalian.

cantik sungguh si anak dara, sopan bersimpuh memintal jerami, assalamualaikum pembuka bicara, moga ukhuwah kekal bersemi. nama diberi sy nurul ain bt sy badaruddin. asal negeri terengganu darul iman. kini menetap di kuantan pahang. no kad matrik 083926 jurusan perubatan. tidak layak rasanya saya melafazkan manifesto ini kerana saya tahu sebenarnya ada lagi saudari-saudari yang lebih layak daripada saya di sini. namun izinkan saya teruskan dengan manifesto saya yang pertama.

saya berpegang kepada prinsip ‘qulil haqq walau ka na murran’ iaitu berkata benarlah walaupun kebenaran itu pahit. saya akan memberikan kebebasan kepada anda semua bagi menyuarakan pendapat sama ada terus kepada saya ataupun mana-mana ahli jawatankuasa yang lain. anggaplah amalan demokrasi yang diamalkan di negara kita akan terus diamalkan di sini. tetapi saya berani jamin, tiada siapa yang akan ditahan kerana menyuarakan pendapat berlainan, tiada yang akan diambil tindakan tanpa dibicarakan seadilnya dan tiada yang akan dimusuhi kerana tidak bersetuju dengan kami.

manifesto saya yang kedua; tiada sebarang amalan rasuah yang diamalkan dalam kelab ini. manifesto saya yang ketiga pula ialah; tiada sebarang kenaikan harga bagi setiap yuran yang dikenakan. harga ahli adalah berpatutan dan subsidi hanya akan diberikan kepada ahli-ahli kelab yang layak sahaja.

sudah saya suarakan manifesto saya, kini terpulanglah kepada anda semua sama ada pilihannya; dacing hikmah mengimbang ummah, bulan sabit penggerak keadilan, keris pusaka memperkasa budaya atau bulan purnama penerang jalan. saya bukanlah pak lah yang bijak mentadbir, bukan anwar yang lantang berpidato, bukan mahathir yang pintar berbicara, bukan jua nik aziz yang mantap pegangannya. saya ialah saya; insan biasa yang punya kelemahan, punya kekurangan; andai tersilap bicara harap dimaafkan kerana yang baik itu daripada allah dan yang kurangnya lahir dari hambanya yang lemah dan tidak sempurna ini.

sebelum saya mengundur diri, sudilah kiranya anda mendengar bingkisan buat diri yang lalai, penjelasan buat diri yang lupa, peringatan buat diri yang leka.

when you feel all alone in this world, and there’s nobody to count your tears, when you’re carrying a monster load, and u wonder how far you can go, just remember no matter where you are, allah knows.

sometimes when the world’s not on your side, you don’t know where to run to, you don’t know where to hide, u gaze at the stars in the sky and the mountains so high through the tears in you eyes. you’re looking for a reason to replace what is done, just remember no matter where you are, you are never alone. just reach into your heart and allah is always there. ‘innallaha ma’ana’.

an applause.. perhaps?

Saturday, July 19, 2008


they ARE important. extremely. no matter where u go, still you gotta have at least one to assist you, helping and guiding you through your life. friendship IS valuable. so hold the rope of ukhuwwah tightly.

Friday, July 18, 2008


whoa.. that is too much, dear. how do you know im a racist? do i KNOW you or something? are we classmates or maybe im your-ex? omg, hope thats not true. if u KNOW me very well, then please remind me of that. oh, how can i forget of someone as nice and kind-hearted as you? im sorry for that, promise that wont happen again.

sorry for the interruption just now, guys. amir just LOVE to criticise me. he always does. especially when it comes to something that he thinks not right for him, but actually right for me. i think he hasnt take his breakfast yet. awh.. poor amir.

in math class this morning, i got a 'gift' from my teacher. hehe. cuz im doing my essay in her class. hey, i didnt notice she was coming my way. suddenly, she was in front of me and zapp.. no, she didnt tear my paper, just a simple advice and a light pinch at the back. ouch.

then she went to the front and told the class that we should NEVER do any other homework except math. when in math class, do math. not english. not biology. or others. she referring to me? no i dont think so.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


me and my friends went to the forum about the petrol hike in malaysia. guess who were the vip's? dato' shahril abd samad and dato' alwi! haha. of course they tried to explain about the reasons why the fuel price is rising nowadays but.. whos gonna ever agree with them? perhaps a small portion of us do really nod their head when they listen to the talk. yet the rest? think yourself.

and during the q&a session, it was getting hot in the hall already. those iium seniors and others ask few questions that may sound not-so-intelligent but really, they look ready enough to take over the government. yeah maybe the questions are kinda stupid and irrelevant, still i can hear someone shouting 'takbiiir!!' from the back of the hall. ironic, is it?

for the pictures, just ignore the head and focus on the real thing behind. i sat at the front row in the hall so the guy in front of me kept moving side to side and its hard for me to get a clear image of the situation. i could use some help to kick him hard in his ***.

the debate between dato seri anwar ibrahim and dato shabery cheek was really fantastic. today form government, tommorow reduce petrol price. awesome. and i really feel sympathy with the situation of dsai. be tough dsai, we all stand firm behind you.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


still i am not in the mood for a laugh now. my laptop is a bit crazy now as the internet explorer cannot function well. my presentation still not yet complete. not even the idea!! biology tutorials still left on the study desk. maths need to be done as soon as possible. and there comes the interview for computer club tomorrow night. but b4 that me and my friends 'll b going to um tomorrow. tomorrow! why things have to be done tomorrow? and after tomorrow is monday! i cant even think about what if.. i ignore all those things that messed up my mind even for a second. what if.. i lose my mind right now? what if.. omg, i need my bed now!

Friday, July 11, 2008

no idea

next week we have english presentation, the preparation for our real individual presntation on 21st july. still, i have NO idea what to talk about. **blank**

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

guess what

haha i met uncle a samad said in mph last sunday! i was wandering around with isfa; my roommate-next-door, then suddenly she told me it was a samad said reading books behind the shelves! within nanoseconds, we were already there! and took his picture.. what a day!


owh how sweet is that? no matter how far u are; still, family comes first right?

Friday, July 04, 2008

you and me

it was all about the way i spoke. this time i was gonna let ustaz marked my homework, then this guy also wanted to do the same thing. i said to him,

'kau dulu ar..'

then my ustaz said, 'tak baik guna kau, itu tak sopan.. guna lah awak ke, anta ke..'

this guy interupted, 'ha, gune la ana ke..'

i felt like slapping him right at that moment. really. still dont wanna lose, i said to my ustaz,

'abis tu ustaz tak gune kau la ek?'

then fastly he replied 'uskut. ustaz takpe..'

i smiled. satisfied.

then my ustaz circled my 'ain; the arabic letter in the word ala which he said it looked like kaf rather than 'ain. i told him it is 'ain and i knew it as i was the one who wrote it. he still said it is not. its kaf. he wrote down the correct way of writing the 'ain. ye la ye la, i said. u win then. he jotted down my mark; 8/8. he said 'cuz u talk a lot, then i gave you this'. i smiled.

later when we learned about the word anta; means 'you' for boy, he asked us,

'whats the difference between aku and saya?' the guy just now glanced and smiled at me. i clenched my fist and stared at him.

quickly i shouted, 'same je..' ustaz rolled his eyes at me. my classmates burst into laughter.

he explained 'no, its not the same. saya is more polite way of talking. aku is rude'

again, i dont wanna lose. then i replied,

'abis tu ustaz, kite cakap dengan allah gune aku tu tak sopan la??'

he stopped talking. and smiled.

'ni yang susah ni ade sister pandai sangat dalam klas nih'

again my friends laughed at me. or the ustaz. but for sure i knew. i win this time.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


talking about my arabic ustaz, this morning while i was busy gossiping and giggling with my classmate, he asked me..

'kak pah, arent you tired of talking?'

i held my breath. and my laugh. i smiled quietly and continued my work on the textbook. i didnt answer him. not because i dont know what to throw back the words. not because im too embarassed. mainly its because im thinking of a suitable reply to that answer whether...

'no ustaz, i really love talking... so much' - which may led to the conclusion that i really am a talkative girl, which i am not.. er, not really.


'yes im tired of talking all day yet i dont feel like i wanna stop talking right now' - which may be sound like harsh for a student to talk like that to her so-called ustaz.

then my classmate looked at me. i glanced at her. and smile.

brunei trip

simply cant resist the urge to pose

our trip was way back long time ago.. er maybe not so 'long' time ago, just before i came in here, we traveled to brunei. it was great. really great. and awesome. fantastic. what more? haha. btw, see the 'awda' word above? know what that means? in malaysia we have and stated as you, right? there in brunei the awda means awang and dayang means you for boy and girl. pretty clever, huh?

just walking down the memory lane, remembering those days that was already over. seriously, we get to know many significant landmarks in brunei. we didnt buy lots of goodies because of the price. the currency is similar to singapore. so obviously it is expensive. no wonder i only get to buy a key-chain for myself.

teha was sitting next to me just now. now she's gone. off-time i guess. teha, you should stay in here much longer coz right now im writing about YOU. if u r reading this, then go on. read more. reading is fun, isnt it?

back to the brunei thingy, i planned on uploading more and more pictures; the pretty ones of course. i shouldnt have uploading the ones with my face not too cute or etc. haha. ive got lots more to tell. now im doing research.

secret research. shhh..

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

arabic class

for iium students, we have to learn arabic language and pass the exam. although it doesnt contribute any increase in your cgpa points, but still u have to learn the language. for those who are exempted in arabic, that means they do not have to study arabic for the whole semesters. how i wish i passed it.

just now we had our arabic class. fyi, i dont get exempted. our ustaz is so not-like-the-typical ustaz out there. he doesnt wear songkok or kopiah, loves to wear jeans, has a trendy wife (which is also ex-iium student), a smoker and he likes to hang out in kenny rogers, starbucks etc. once he brought his wife to our class and whoa.. she is so totally not the one we had in our mind. (shes pretty, though)

the arabic level one is so easy, like the basic arabic for the dummies. hey, ive got some basics in the subject since ive learnt it from form one until three. so, its not that difficult for me to understand what our ustaz babbling about in front of the class. my friends who learn the language for the first time cannot catch up with the ustaz sometimes because he talks too fast and in a slow voice considering the fact that the ustaz next door prefer to talk loudly; his voice manage to penetrate the walls between.

i love to talk in the class, answer and ask questions. last week we learned two chapters in our arabic textbooks. its not as usual because we always learn one chapter per day and usually we end the class earlier.

i had the tendency to ask 'ustaz, why do we learn two chapters today?'

then he said in his usually slamberous manner 'whos the ustaz, me or u?'

i said 'you'

he replied 'then uskut, keep quiet, shut up'

haha. no worries. i always get that kind of answers when i ask him lots stupid questions. it doesnt leave any mark on me. sometimes when i want to argue something with him, trying to prove my opinion; suddenly he cuts back my words with the same 'shut-up' words. then i grinned.

guess i should consider being a good girl in class next time. haha. i never will.