Tuesday, July 01, 2008

arabic class

for iium students, we have to learn arabic language and pass the exam. although it doesnt contribute any increase in your cgpa points, but still u have to learn the language. for those who are exempted in arabic, that means they do not have to study arabic for the whole semesters. how i wish i passed it.

just now we had our arabic class. fyi, i dont get exempted. our ustaz is so not-like-the-typical ustaz out there. he doesnt wear songkok or kopiah, loves to wear jeans, has a trendy wife (which is also ex-iium student), a smoker and he likes to hang out in kenny rogers, starbucks etc. once he brought his wife to our class and whoa.. she is so totally not the one we had in our mind. (shes pretty, though)

the arabic level one is so easy, like the basic arabic for the dummies. hey, ive got some basics in the subject since ive learnt it from form one until three. so, its not that difficult for me to understand what our ustaz babbling about in front of the class. my friends who learn the language for the first time cannot catch up with the ustaz sometimes because he talks too fast and in a slow voice considering the fact that the ustaz next door prefer to talk loudly; his voice manage to penetrate the walls between.

i love to talk in the class, answer and ask questions. last week we learned two chapters in our arabic textbooks. its not as usual because we always learn one chapter per day and usually we end the class earlier.

i had the tendency to ask 'ustaz, why do we learn two chapters today?'

then he said in his usually slamberous manner 'whos the ustaz, me or u?'

i said 'you'

he replied 'then uskut, keep quiet, shut up'

haha. no worries. i always get that kind of answers when i ask him lots stupid questions. it doesnt leave any mark on me. sometimes when i want to argue something with him, trying to prove my opinion; suddenly he cuts back my words with the same 'shut-up' words. then i grinned.

guess i should consider being a good girl in class next time. haha. i never will.

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  1. Huhuhu...chepah...
    diz is da first time i comment in here...
    u're lucky to have a funny 'ustaz'...