Wednesday, July 02, 2008

brunei trip

simply cant resist the urge to pose

our trip was way back long time ago.. er maybe not so 'long' time ago, just before i came in here, we traveled to brunei. it was great. really great. and awesome. fantastic. what more? haha. btw, see the 'awda' word above? know what that means? in malaysia we have and stated as you, right? there in brunei the awda means awang and dayang means you for boy and girl. pretty clever, huh?

just walking down the memory lane, remembering those days that was already over. seriously, we get to know many significant landmarks in brunei. we didnt buy lots of goodies because of the price. the currency is similar to singapore. so obviously it is expensive. no wonder i only get to buy a key-chain for myself.

teha was sitting next to me just now. now she's gone. off-time i guess. teha, you should stay in here much longer coz right now im writing about YOU. if u r reading this, then go on. read more. reading is fun, isnt it?

back to the brunei thingy, i planned on uploading more and more pictures; the pretty ones of course. i shouldnt have uploading the ones with my face not too cute or etc. haha. ive got lots more to tell. now im doing research.

secret research. shhh..

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