Tuesday, July 29, 2008


remember bout the so-called accident i did few months ago? nope, this one was worse than that. it happened at night when we wanted to go back to masjid ghufran after visiting my uncle. my dad; maybe he was too tired after busying himself all day long kind of entering the wrong lane while driving. supposedly he entered the tunnel through the right lane but he drove into the lane where cars drove towards us. swooosh!! just imagine how worst it can get!!

then my dad hit a motorcycle. bam!! i thought 'we are so dead. the motorcylist might already dead. oh my god..' then he stood and came towards my dad's window. he talked and complained about the way my dad drove. my dad apologised several times and said it was his fault. he was so sorry and gave him rm200. actually the motorcyclist was ok. no problem with his motorcycle. but see my dad'd mpv? damn. it was so bloody badly damaged.

haha. i took this pic and my sis insisted on taking her pic too. so ironic, isn't it?

when i reached the hostel, i texted my sis asking about how much did it cost. then she replied 'its almst 11k 2 repair our mpv n myb tkes time at lst 1 n 1/2 mnth 2 wait 4 da order. abh gotta claim 4 insrance 1st n lodge a plice rport'. i was like '11k? better buy a new car, then.' that is why we are not encouraged to buy imported vehicles. it is so fuckingly difficult to find the spare parts. have to order them and take a bloody long time. damn. now im swearing like hell; thinking my dad might feel so frustrated over his beloved mpv. shit. stop swearing. dammit. stop it.

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  1. peh! 11k u hve to cover it??
    new model ek?

    lol ur sister hahah..
    perhaps im not be like that man..coz im ride motor to go to my campus!
    adeh merbahaya malam2..