Friday, July 18, 2008


whoa.. that is too much, dear. how do you know im a racist? do i KNOW you or something? are we classmates or maybe im your-ex? omg, hope thats not true. if u KNOW me very well, then please remind me of that. oh, how can i forget of someone as nice and kind-hearted as you? im sorry for that, promise that wont happen again.

sorry for the interruption just now, guys. amir just LOVE to criticise me. he always does. especially when it comes to something that he thinks not right for him, but actually right for me. i think he hasnt take his breakfast yet. awh.. poor amir.

in math class this morning, i got a 'gift' from my teacher. hehe. cuz im doing my essay in her class. hey, i didnt notice she was coming my way. suddenly, she was in front of me and zapp.. no, she didnt tear my paper, just a simple advice and a light pinch at the back. ouch.

then she went to the front and told the class that we should NEVER do any other homework except math. when in math class, do math. not english. not biology. or others. she referring to me? no i dont think so.


  1. bout dat amir,
    im bit of pity on ya

    i cnt argue anythin

    bout dat class,.
    seriosly ha?
    ha..kantoi ~~~~
    hik hik

  2. seriously, atoi..
    afer this, i just have to think of another way to prevent me being caught up in math class. any idea how? haha.

  3. no i didnt know u,for it is not possible for someone as narrow minded as you would be in the circle of people that i know.

    i always take my breakfast on time,thank you.or maybe u should worry about ur own self, in case u forgot ur medicine.seems to me u'r a little loss.

    oh ya,in case if u really dont have any idea why i called u racist and narrow minded, maybe u should read again ur post at iluvislam?to recall back ur lost memory?my my, u really forgot to take ur medicine, didnt u.

  4. dear amir,

    no need to compliment me again. i feel the need to thank you for being such a true gentleman.

    thank you for reminding me about my medicine. yeah you're right. i NEED my medicine badly. i just have to make sure i take all of them on time. vicodin especially. just in case you're not aware of my mood swings these days, better watch out. i can get real nasty.

    u think i got amnesia as well? yeah the website sure brings me a lot of fame. how can i ever forget about that fact?

    *omg if its not the breakfast, then you must have some kind of brain damage. a brain clot perhaps. or screw loose somewhere. better see the doctor immediately.