Wednesday, July 16, 2008


me and my friends went to the forum about the petrol hike in malaysia. guess who were the vip's? dato' shahril abd samad and dato' alwi! haha. of course they tried to explain about the reasons why the fuel price is rising nowadays but.. whos gonna ever agree with them? perhaps a small portion of us do really nod their head when they listen to the talk. yet the rest? think yourself.

and during the q&a session, it was getting hot in the hall already. those iium seniors and others ask few questions that may sound not-so-intelligent but really, they look ready enough to take over the government. yeah maybe the questions are kinda stupid and irrelevant, still i can hear someone shouting 'takbiiir!!' from the back of the hall. ironic, is it?

for the pictures, just ignore the head and focus on the real thing behind. i sat at the front row in the hall so the guy in front of me kept moving side to side and its hard for me to get a clear image of the situation. i could use some help to kick him hard in his ***.

the debate between dato seri anwar ibrahim and dato shabery cheek was really fantastic. today form government, tommorow reduce petrol price. awesome. and i really feel sympathy with the situation of dsai. be tough dsai, we all stand firm behind you.

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