Tuesday, July 22, 2008


see that? how on earth did the editor accept the picture of a girl with closed eyes to be a part of the cfsiium students handbook? omg, cant believe my pic is in the book! not the nice one, obviously. i screamed when i saw that pic on my study desk in my room yesterday. clearly, my friend left the page open on purpose.

just now i had my arabic class. and when my ustaz entered the class, i saw he was holding the books. and put them on the table. he looked at me. damn, with a sarcastic smile. oh. my. god. then i shifted my attention to the scenery out of the window. my face was hot. i tried hard to hide my laugh. twice he looked at me, trying to tell me something that i already know what that was.

after the doa was recited, he called me 'kak pah, meh sini'. i blushed. 'haa?? ape ustaz?' i asked innocently. 'meh sini..' then i went to his table. he showed me that pic and asked 'sape ni? macam mane boleh masuk dalam ni, ni?' smiling. again. he just wanted to embarass me in front of my classmates. yeah guess he did that successfully. i just smiled and said nothing.

in the middle of the class, he sat near to me and asked 'kenape tutup mate dalam gambar tu? tidur ke?' he just didnt want to drop that subject. phew. then after a while he said 'ustaz tengok gambar tu, sakit perut ustaz ketawa'. again! omg, how can i get this ustaz to teach me? sometimes i said to him 'ala ustaz, tu bukan gambar saye, salah orang tu..' he then answered 'ustaz duduk sini dah brape tahun tak dapat pun masuk dalam majalah..' haha. lucky me.

when i asked stupid questions, and continued talking he said 'kang ustaz masuk gambar tu dalam u-tube kang..' the class burst into laughter. god, i just wish someone will take me out of that class somehow. immediately. coz i know he will never forget that topic easily. god please.


  1. yeah,how can ya sleep?
    hik hik
    dont mad k..
    wah,...u should keep dat shot
    omg reaLLy memorabLe..

  2. SALAM..

    hehehe..poor girl..

    let me edit ur pic..maybe i can make ur pic look more pretty when sleeping..


  3. hey atoi, im not sleeping! im gonna kill that photographer some day soon..

    thanks but no thanks, farys.. =)

  4. ain, i realised u threw ur shoutbox away aa?
    bcOZ amir perhaPs?
    sory lol

  5. yeah perhaps.. but im planning on putting it back soon.. =)