Wednesday, July 02, 2008


talking about my arabic ustaz, this morning while i was busy gossiping and giggling with my classmate, he asked me..

'kak pah, arent you tired of talking?'

i held my breath. and my laugh. i smiled quietly and continued my work on the textbook. i didnt answer him. not because i dont know what to throw back the words. not because im too embarassed. mainly its because im thinking of a suitable reply to that answer whether...

'no ustaz, i really love talking... so much' - which may led to the conclusion that i really am a talkative girl, which i am not.. er, not really.


'yes im tired of talking all day yet i dont feel like i wanna stop talking right now' - which may be sound like harsh for a student to talk like that to her so-called ustaz.

then my classmate looked at me. i glanced at her. and smile.

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