Friday, July 04, 2008

you and me

it was all about the way i spoke. this time i was gonna let ustaz marked my homework, then this guy also wanted to do the same thing. i said to him,

'kau dulu ar..'

then my ustaz said, 'tak baik guna kau, itu tak sopan.. guna lah awak ke, anta ke..'

this guy interupted, 'ha, gune la ana ke..'

i felt like slapping him right at that moment. really. still dont wanna lose, i said to my ustaz,

'abis tu ustaz tak gune kau la ek?'

then fastly he replied 'uskut. ustaz takpe..'

i smiled. satisfied.

then my ustaz circled my 'ain; the arabic letter in the word ala which he said it looked like kaf rather than 'ain. i told him it is 'ain and i knew it as i was the one who wrote it. he still said it is not. its kaf. he wrote down the correct way of writing the 'ain. ye la ye la, i said. u win then. he jotted down my mark; 8/8. he said 'cuz u talk a lot, then i gave you this'. i smiled.

later when we learned about the word anta; means 'you' for boy, he asked us,

'whats the difference between aku and saya?' the guy just now glanced and smiled at me. i clenched my fist and stared at him.

quickly i shouted, 'same je..' ustaz rolled his eyes at me. my classmates burst into laughter.

he explained 'no, its not the same. saya is more polite way of talking. aku is rude'

again, i dont wanna lose. then i replied,

'abis tu ustaz, kite cakap dengan allah gune aku tu tak sopan la??'

he stopped talking. and smiled.

'ni yang susah ni ade sister pandai sangat dalam klas nih'

again my friends laughed at me. or the ustaz. but for sure i knew. i win this time.

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  1. Huahuahua....
    You are still, really clever la Chepah.....
    I'm on your side....
    that rite....