Saturday, August 30, 2008


few hours more, we'll be celebrating our independence day. as if i'll be goin out and shouting merdeka on top of my lungs, carrying jalur gemilang all the way around the neighbourhood and trying to boost the merdeka spirit within ourselves. like hell im gonna do that. not in a million years.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


got exhibition, charity stalls, games and quizzes, clothes sale and many more. quite interesting. they have talk and forum being organised for the nights as well.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


introduction to grimis ended up just now - 11 pm. the ceremony supposedly started at 8.15pm according to the brochures been given to the members but, sad to say there were only like twenty sisters showed up at that time. no sight of brothers. even one.

after waiting for few mins, kak ros came and the ceremony begun. the brothers entered the room one by one. oh they do exist, i thought their entire population has been wiped out by the natural disasters, massive explosion or something.

with fariq and adib being the emcees, they managed to cover up certain weaknesses during the event. when the sound of presentation couldnt be heard clearly, they said it was a surprise created on purpose for us. when it took quite a long time to make the show available, they chatted happily and shifted our attention from staring at the lcd projector to their non-stop babbling.

each bureaus presented the details about them with different ways. percussion bureau blew the night away with their percussion skills whereas the vocal bureau woke us up with their voice - singing nasyeed song entitled harapan. stage bureau showed off their talent by acting - spontaneous act; we've been told. while economy and d'graphic bureaus preferred to use power point presentation.

still, there got few mistakes here and there and the committees are holding a post-mortem session right now. im here but they are still in meeting. haha. cuz im not in the list of organizing committees for the ceremony just now but the upcoming event; iftar jamaie - well, im waiting nervously for that day to pass by successfully. hopefully.

why do i keep posting comments on the events i've attended? er, dunno. for fun, i guess? dont ask me why.

Friday, August 22, 2008


yesterday was the closing ceremony of english language festival. as one of the audience, i cant help to give few comments on the smoothness of the program being organised by the committees here.

as we stepped into the hall, balloons were everywhere. then there's the rambu-ramba thingy decorated the wall. the backdrop was quite okay, stage is perfect, arrangement of chairs seemed unique and judged by the one-look of appearance of the hall, everything's gonna be mind-blowing.

but the total performance of that night failed to match our first impression. the ceremony of which was supposed to be a grandeur event turned to be a failure. well maybe not a major failure. most students just wanna had a break by walking out of the hall in the middle of the ceremony, the wide screen just chose that moment to refuse to roll down willingly and the committee had to climb the ladder to make it rolled, the prizes were just perfectly arranged as we can see the winner had to wait few minutes on the stage to claim his prize, the 'boria' performance was just funny enough to prove that they are well-prepared, the sermon by the girls was just loud enough for us to hear each and every single words they talked; the background music just managed to be as loud as their voice and the green elf just had to take over the mic several times when the event didnt go well; proving that he can do multiple job at the same time - prize distributor and emcee as well.

ive done with the unsatisfying parts, now the good part was the patriotism sketch by english level 5 students - enjoyable and meaningful enough for us to think of the merdeka spirit even for a moment. the emcees were flawless in english, i wonder if she's egyptian. i waited eagerly for my dear friend, alkaff to capture our attention by her sweet voice but then, she didnt show up. after all, she was the winner of the individual category.

the hilarious sketch by the winner of group category dominated the stage once again. it was better than before. they changed the script as well as the ending mainly because the dean and other lecturers were there. or they just wanna show us that they were talented actors who can act spontaneously even if the script was not provided. i sensed a glint of hypocrite here, as they refused to perform the real sketch as in mystage before. are they afraid the vip's might not like it? are they afraid if the audience might get bored by the same sketch? are they desperate enough to change the script at last minute?

the ceremony ended with a big surprise especially for the lecturers. the lecturers were invited to the stage and there was a brief presentation of the lecturers candid pics along the festival week. then the committees brought two cakes from the back of the hall up to the stage. they asked the lecturers to blow the candles. owh how sweet was that. we were allowed to leave the hall. the end.

well, i wondered if the committees didnt do a rehearsal before as there was a lot of glitches. i didnt hold any grudge towards anybody but the bitterness of the ceremony yesterday left me speechless. i know u guys can do better than that. way better than that. i know it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


my sis asked me to translate her resume - bored. my mobile went missing - sad. painful contact with everything solid like window pane, door, desk etc - ouch. photography session with my classmates canceled due to the rain - frustrated. mild arguments with friends several times - tensed.

think god wanna show me something - surely related to my act yesterday.


its a competition of where iium students from pj and nilai campus show off their talents in acting, monologue, singing and others. me and my friends planned to join this but then, due to technical glitches and communication errors; we withdrew. *sigh*

i went for the show yesterday. u just cant believe on how many students turn in to watch this very spectacular event. i went there with fara, my dear friend. during the show, we can hear the students 'woo'ing and 'whoa'ing the contestants. the boys even stood up and clapped hands in unison after my friend, izzati alkaff finished her song. mariah-carey iium version, she's the one. no wonder she grabbed the first place, mind you; her voice is super-damn-beautiful.

fara said she felt like she was way back in our previous school, smart; where we can socially mingle with the boys, doing our own damn thing and nobody would mind your act if u did something opposed to islam. we came to this topic again, arent we?

there was this drama show directed by an ict student of pj campus; he and his friends worked out a drama of which i found it totally OFFENSIVE, PROVOCATIVE and definitely not suitable for the under-age youngsters to watch it. not that they are performing in buck naked or displaying their inappropriate parts; but.. its hard to explain actually. maybe from your point of view (if u watched it), it is widely acceptable to act like that in front of your fellow friends. after all, we need to put some real hot stuff in the drama to spice up things. yeah, living in iium is pretty much bored you to death so, u came up with that particular idea. how genius of you. really.

i cant help it but i managed to put up a real stunt yesterday. and i am damn proud of my action. no need to explain further. I HATE THE DRAMA. seriously.

Monday, August 18, 2008


with chong wei only managed to get silver, the by-election in permatang pauh till the issues of 10% quota for non-bumis into uitm, malaysia is always full of shock and surprises.

and these particular issues somehow brought my mood down. not that im the pm's secretary or the ministry in parliament that are supposed to worry about all the controversies, yet im feeling... depressed.

with the thought of that guy in mind; yeah right, its making me more depressed! opsss..

Sunday, August 17, 2008


is name really important? in marriage, especially?
id want to elaborate more, but wait till i get the right time.
for now, i gotta go. g'rimis meeting. bye.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


i recalled the moment during our arabic class few days before. as usual, certain issues always been raised. and this time: displaying our personal pictures on internet is prohibited.

there goes the dialogue between me, my friends and ustaz in the class. i prefer to use bahasa coz it'll be more dramatic. and can be easily picked up. hehe.

my friend asked me to ask this question but i let farah did it. but i said to farah 'do ask, but dont let the boys hear it'.

then at time ustaz walked in front of us, farah whispered:
'ustaz, boleh ke pompuan bagi gambar kat laki?'

'ha? buat ape nak bagi gambar? untuk tujuan ape?'

farah looked at me; as if asking me to answer it.

then i said: 'ala, saje2 je ustaz. takpe kan?'

'haram.. even untuk tujuan friendship pun tak boleh. buat ape you nak bagi gambar kat budak laki? he recited a verse from al-quran. kalau ikutkan, letak gambar kat internet pun haram..'

i felt uncomfortable already. 'ha? haram ustaz? tapi kite pakai tudung, tak gedik2 pon.. saje2 je letak, bukannye nak gatal2 pon..'

'nanti time you nak jumpa allah, allah tanye kenape you letak gambar dalam internet, you jawab la saje2 je..'

that silenced me. and my friends. the whole class actually. looking at my unsatisfied face, he continued;

'kenape kak pah? u letak dah ke gambar kat internet?'

i blushed. 'tak nak jawab'

'boleh.. ikutlah nak letak ke tak, tapi bagi ustaz tengok la dulu gambar tu. *laugh* jangan letak la sebaiknye.. sebenarnye gambar tu boleh bawa fitnah, kalau lelaki tengok..'

then suddenly this discussion became the subject of the class attention. he sat on the chair in front of the class. and looked at the boys;

'kalau you la boys, tengok perempuan mula2 mesti tengok muka dulu kan, lepas tu kalau cantik, tekan2 lagi. kalau tak cantik, cepat2 je nak g tempat lain'.

the boys supported ustaz's statement.

ustaz looked at me, 'sebab tulah kite kate boleh bawa fitnah...'

then i cut back, 'ala ustaz, kalau orang kuat iman, takde la camtu..' the class burst into laughter. my classmate; hamdi said 'pandai2 je kak pah ni..'

after recovered from the laughter, ustaz continued, 'eh, orang kuat iman pun kadang2 same jugak.. u tau tak kak pah, dengan gambar u tu orang boleh buat macam2 ilmu?'

'tapi yang saye dengar kalau gambar tu gambar penuh sampai kaki baru la orang nak jampi2, buat ilmu..'

'eh tak kire, asal ade muka, hidung mata.. ke you tutup muka dalam gambar tu?'

'tak la..' then he said 'betul, ustaz tak tipu.. u nak try ke kak pah; bagi gambar kat ustaz pastu biar ustaz buat'

quickly i said 'eh tak nak la ustaz'. my classmates laughed.

'boleh ustaz buat. nanti esok pagi ustaz jalan kat depan, u ikut kat belakang. nak??'

the boys laughed loudly. i blushed. 'nanti kak pah ingat kat ustaz je, lupe dah kat syarafuddin..' laughter erupted again.

'ustaz ni.. saye tak kisah, saye sian kat syarafuddin je..'

'ustaz joke je kak pah, jangan la marah..'

our discussion always ended up with me being the person he always made fun of. dont know why. and as for the pictures-on-internet thingy, im not sure whether i wanna deleted em all or ignored the matter.

but if let say, some day u cant find my pictures; u already know the reason why.


my arabic test ended up at 10 am just now. after having my brunch, i get down here a.s.a.p. coz i got a lot of things i wanna scribble down here.

first thing first. last thursday i went for the meeting of grimis. i AM the vice secretary, hehe. we discussed about the programs that'll be conducted during this year.

then it came to the part where we wanted to do a program of which is specially for the sisters only. a fashion show. then the brothers asked for one too. the sisters say we cant do it together. usually when it involves the muslimah's aurah or something to do with the voice which is supposed not to be heard by the brothers, we gotta have different venues for brothers and sisters.

then i have no idea why did i ask, 'oh.. we cant mix between girls and boys lah, HERE?'

then the sister said 'its not only here but in islam itself. we cant say and think of here only, but actually islam teaches us that'.


the second thing: during our dinner in u cafe, 9.30 pm after isya' prayer. we had to wait for almost an hour to get our 'nasi goreng ikan masin' and 'nasi goreng ayam' coz the cafe was so crowded due to the beijing olympic games. then two girls passed by and sat at the table in front of us. few minutes later, came two boys; sat together with the sisters just now. they talked. laughing. giggling.

dont know why did we feel extremely hot although the air-con was functioning well. we got our food and begun eating while watching the olympic. suddenly two brothers of the same age with us; in baju melayu, songkok and sarong pulled the chairs and sat between them. turned out they wanted to brainwash them. we smiled knowingly.

i managed to eavesdrop a part of their speech; the ustaz asked for the reason they sat together; groupwork or for fun, recited few verses from al-quran and hadith and throw some straight-to-the-point advices of which was obviously to make them realise their actions. i glanced at the faces of the 'suspects' once. no expression. two of the boys were busily eating, one of the sisters was talking to someone in the handphone (dont know if its real or she's faking it) and other girl stared directly to the face of one of the ustaz. i can say, he must feel kinda embarassed when the girl did that. he lowered his gaze but still talked to the boys.

after few minutes sermon, they shaked hands and apologise. and off they went. we finished our meal and went out. i can say... the advice didnt work at all as they still sat there after we paid our bills. but at least some of us do have the guts to confront people like them.

if u asked me to do the same thing as the ustazs did, i wont do it; although i know what they did was wrong. and as muslims, we should do something to prevent the immoral behaviour; but still, i'll pretend like nothing happened and did my own work. as im not THAT pious, i can feel that im not the right one to face them. and if i did, they can point back at me; u told us not to talk with the boys but you did it. u told us not to hang out with the boys but u did it. then whats the point of telling them things that me myself cant obey? does that makes me a bad muslim?

i dont know what's your opinion about this matter, but a fact that i think everybody will agree is: in international islamic university malaysia, the environment is based on religious values and we have to obey the rules as long as we are here. if you dont like the way this system works, then pack your things and move to university malaya. just outside there. and dont look back again.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


yesterday we did our in-class essay; for this mid-sem exam. the title: deforestation is essential for a country's development; an argumentative essay. i chose to argue against the topic.

so i begun to write the outline.

presentation of issue: deforestation
thesis statement: deforestation is not essential for a country's development as it contributes to health problems, causes climatic change and leads to the extinction of floras and faunas

content 1: contributes to health problems
support: if the trees are cut down, no oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange will occur results in many health-related problems like asthma and cough

content 2: causes climatic change
support: vast areas being exposed to sunlight rays and being reflected from the soil surface; causing temperature to rise

content 3: extinction of floras and faunas
support: deforestation destroys animals' habitat and flowers

refutation: deforestation is no longer harmful
support: carry out reforestation process; planting young trees
counter-argument: a long period for the young plants to grow
support: not be able to grow as fast as the trees being cut down

summary: deforestation is not an excuse for development
repeat stand: deforestation leads to health diseases, increase in temperature and mass extinction of animals and plants

limit words: 400 - 450 words. you know what? i think they must not set the specific range of the words because it irritates me!! i never write my essay as short as that. when i counted my words, 600 words and damn; i had more in mind! thing that i hate to do: rewrite my essay after deleted few words.. or sentences! in other words: after making it short!

as for yesterday, i didnt have enough time to copy back my essay + rush to write the words back + unsteady and startling fingers + nervousness for not completing it on time - resulting in a bad handwriting; even i had to stare twice on my essay to get hold of the meaning. luckily, we had the chance to write it back; in our second draft. when we get back our essay from the teacher, we had to correct the mistakes and send the final essay. that is the draft system.

in a nutshell, after i did the post-mortem for a few hours, i can say my major problem is the abundance of ideas + short time + limit words! and i put the blame on the limit words. duh.

Monday, August 11, 2008


finished math exam just now; from 8.30 till 10 pm. nervously after maghrib prayer we hurried to the amf hall to sit for the exam. turns out the exam started at 8.30! yeah, never mind.. for the sake of the exam, we HAVE to be patient, although we were drenched in the sweat. and our baju kurungs were soaked. eww.
then the hall's door opened. jeng jeng jeng...

'ahh, at last we're gonna feel the cool air from the air-con..' unfortunately, that was so unlikely to be true. for the second time, we had to restrain ourselves from taking our clothes off. btw, we cant complete the exam naked, arent we? too many people'll get distracted. the boys especially. haha.

for once, let me savour the image of all of us doing the equation of the circle, completing the square and sketch the graph without any single piece of clothes on our body. must be cool then. way too cool. maybe ill try that some day soon. haha. if only someone give me ten thousand dollars then i can do that willingly. *grin*

whoa, back to the exam. argh.. as usual the math can never be easy. for me. me and math are two different elements which cannot collide with each other; the molecules tend to repel from being close to one another, resulting in a wide range of gap which is very difficult for the species of homo sapiens named me to get a high potential of marks in the area of math studies. there goes my essay, pretty good, isnt it? haha.

from now on i HAVE to persuade myself not to sit on this chair almost every night. my dad gave me a fair warning; ain, if u dont get excellent grades in exams, then you better prepare a good explanation'. argh. life is so interesting. wonderful. from the math problem, biology exam on this 16th + arabic exam.. and essay-writing exam this wednesday.. associated with the close-to-threat from my dad.. life is very much enjoyable.

for now im waiting for my ten thousand dollars. anyone?

Monday, August 04, 2008


feels good to be at home now.. yesterday i slept at 4 cuz i'm glued to my new installed-game; the sims!! haha. like hell im gonna buy the original one that costs almost rm110. i installed the sims 2, the sims pets and all the expansion packs from the dvds my friend bought. only for rm35 and u got all of em in the palm of your hand. haha. so, at what time should i sleep tonite? *grin*