Thursday, August 14, 2008


yesterday we did our in-class essay; for this mid-sem exam. the title: deforestation is essential for a country's development; an argumentative essay. i chose to argue against the topic.

so i begun to write the outline.

presentation of issue: deforestation
thesis statement: deforestation is not essential for a country's development as it contributes to health problems, causes climatic change and leads to the extinction of floras and faunas

content 1: contributes to health problems
support: if the trees are cut down, no oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange will occur results in many health-related problems like asthma and cough

content 2: causes climatic change
support: vast areas being exposed to sunlight rays and being reflected from the soil surface; causing temperature to rise

content 3: extinction of floras and faunas
support: deforestation destroys animals' habitat and flowers

refutation: deforestation is no longer harmful
support: carry out reforestation process; planting young trees
counter-argument: a long period for the young plants to grow
support: not be able to grow as fast as the trees being cut down

summary: deforestation is not an excuse for development
repeat stand: deforestation leads to health diseases, increase in temperature and mass extinction of animals and plants

limit words: 400 - 450 words. you know what? i think they must not set the specific range of the words because it irritates me!! i never write my essay as short as that. when i counted my words, 600 words and damn; i had more in mind! thing that i hate to do: rewrite my essay after deleted few words.. or sentences! in other words: after making it short!

as for yesterday, i didnt have enough time to copy back my essay + rush to write the words back + unsteady and startling fingers + nervousness for not completing it on time - resulting in a bad handwriting; even i had to stare twice on my essay to get hold of the meaning. luckily, we had the chance to write it back; in our second draft. when we get back our essay from the teacher, we had to correct the mistakes and send the final essay. that is the draft system.

in a nutshell, after i did the post-mortem for a few hours, i can say my major problem is the abundance of ideas + short time + limit words! and i put the blame on the limit words. duh.


  1. Haha...Totally agree with the abundance of ideas + short time + limit words.Here, we have to write a 60 words summary over a page of article.60 WORDS.......including the evaluation...Haizz

  2. good luck in choosing the suitable words for your summary, then. *smile*