Friday, August 22, 2008


yesterday was the closing ceremony of english language festival. as one of the audience, i cant help to give few comments on the smoothness of the program being organised by the committees here.

as we stepped into the hall, balloons were everywhere. then there's the rambu-ramba thingy decorated the wall. the backdrop was quite okay, stage is perfect, arrangement of chairs seemed unique and judged by the one-look of appearance of the hall, everything's gonna be mind-blowing.

but the total performance of that night failed to match our first impression. the ceremony of which was supposed to be a grandeur event turned to be a failure. well maybe not a major failure. most students just wanna had a break by walking out of the hall in the middle of the ceremony, the wide screen just chose that moment to refuse to roll down willingly and the committee had to climb the ladder to make it rolled, the prizes were just perfectly arranged as we can see the winner had to wait few minutes on the stage to claim his prize, the 'boria' performance was just funny enough to prove that they are well-prepared, the sermon by the girls was just loud enough for us to hear each and every single words they talked; the background music just managed to be as loud as their voice and the green elf just had to take over the mic several times when the event didnt go well; proving that he can do multiple job at the same time - prize distributor and emcee as well.

ive done with the unsatisfying parts, now the good part was the patriotism sketch by english level 5 students - enjoyable and meaningful enough for us to think of the merdeka spirit even for a moment. the emcees were flawless in english, i wonder if she's egyptian. i waited eagerly for my dear friend, alkaff to capture our attention by her sweet voice but then, she didnt show up. after all, she was the winner of the individual category.

the hilarious sketch by the winner of group category dominated the stage once again. it was better than before. they changed the script as well as the ending mainly because the dean and other lecturers were there. or they just wanna show us that they were talented actors who can act spontaneously even if the script was not provided. i sensed a glint of hypocrite here, as they refused to perform the real sketch as in mystage before. are they afraid the vip's might not like it? are they afraid if the audience might get bored by the same sketch? are they desperate enough to change the script at last minute?

the ceremony ended with a big surprise especially for the lecturers. the lecturers were invited to the stage and there was a brief presentation of the lecturers candid pics along the festival week. then the committees brought two cakes from the back of the hall up to the stage. they asked the lecturers to blow the candles. owh how sweet was that. we were allowed to leave the hall. the end.

well, i wondered if the committees didnt do a rehearsal before as there was a lot of glitches. i didnt hold any grudge towards anybody but the bitterness of the ceremony yesterday left me speechless. i know u guys can do better than that. way better than that. i know it.


  1. fuh~~
    cambes gile je event tu..
    nak gambo byk lagi~~