Saturday, August 16, 2008


i recalled the moment during our arabic class few days before. as usual, certain issues always been raised. and this time: displaying our personal pictures on internet is prohibited.

there goes the dialogue between me, my friends and ustaz in the class. i prefer to use bahasa coz it'll be more dramatic. and can be easily picked up. hehe.

my friend asked me to ask this question but i let farah did it. but i said to farah 'do ask, but dont let the boys hear it'.

then at time ustaz walked in front of us, farah whispered:
'ustaz, boleh ke pompuan bagi gambar kat laki?'

'ha? buat ape nak bagi gambar? untuk tujuan ape?'

farah looked at me; as if asking me to answer it.

then i said: 'ala, saje2 je ustaz. takpe kan?'

'haram.. even untuk tujuan friendship pun tak boleh. buat ape you nak bagi gambar kat budak laki? he recited a verse from al-quran. kalau ikutkan, letak gambar kat internet pun haram..'

i felt uncomfortable already. 'ha? haram ustaz? tapi kite pakai tudung, tak gedik2 pon.. saje2 je letak, bukannye nak gatal2 pon..'

'nanti time you nak jumpa allah, allah tanye kenape you letak gambar dalam internet, you jawab la saje2 je..'

that silenced me. and my friends. the whole class actually. looking at my unsatisfied face, he continued;

'kenape kak pah? u letak dah ke gambar kat internet?'

i blushed. 'tak nak jawab'

'boleh.. ikutlah nak letak ke tak, tapi bagi ustaz tengok la dulu gambar tu. *laugh* jangan letak la sebaiknye.. sebenarnye gambar tu boleh bawa fitnah, kalau lelaki tengok..'

then suddenly this discussion became the subject of the class attention. he sat on the chair in front of the class. and looked at the boys;

'kalau you la boys, tengok perempuan mula2 mesti tengok muka dulu kan, lepas tu kalau cantik, tekan2 lagi. kalau tak cantik, cepat2 je nak g tempat lain'.

the boys supported ustaz's statement.

ustaz looked at me, 'sebab tulah kite kate boleh bawa fitnah...'

then i cut back, 'ala ustaz, kalau orang kuat iman, takde la camtu..' the class burst into laughter. my classmate; hamdi said 'pandai2 je kak pah ni..'

after recovered from the laughter, ustaz continued, 'eh, orang kuat iman pun kadang2 same jugak.. u tau tak kak pah, dengan gambar u tu orang boleh buat macam2 ilmu?'

'tapi yang saye dengar kalau gambar tu gambar penuh sampai kaki baru la orang nak jampi2, buat ilmu..'

'eh tak kire, asal ade muka, hidung mata.. ke you tutup muka dalam gambar tu?'

'tak la..' then he said 'betul, ustaz tak tipu.. u nak try ke kak pah; bagi gambar kat ustaz pastu biar ustaz buat'

quickly i said 'eh tak nak la ustaz'. my classmates laughed.

'boleh ustaz buat. nanti esok pagi ustaz jalan kat depan, u ikut kat belakang. nak??'

the boys laughed loudly. i blushed. 'nanti kak pah ingat kat ustaz je, lupe dah kat syarafuddin..' laughter erupted again.

'ustaz ni.. saye tak kisah, saye sian kat syarafuddin je..'

'ustaz joke je kak pah, jangan la marah..'

our discussion always ended up with me being the person he always made fun of. dont know why. and as for the pictures-on-internet thingy, im not sure whether i wanna deleted em all or ignored the matter.

but if let say, some day u cant find my pictures; u already know the reason why.

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