Saturday, August 16, 2008


my arabic test ended up at 10 am just now. after having my brunch, i get down here a.s.a.p. coz i got a lot of things i wanna scribble down here.

first thing first. last thursday i went for the meeting of grimis. i AM the vice secretary, hehe. we discussed about the programs that'll be conducted during this year.

then it came to the part where we wanted to do a program of which is specially for the sisters only. a fashion show. then the brothers asked for one too. the sisters say we cant do it together. usually when it involves the muslimah's aurah or something to do with the voice which is supposed not to be heard by the brothers, we gotta have different venues for brothers and sisters.

then i have no idea why did i ask, 'oh.. we cant mix between girls and boys lah, HERE?'

then the sister said 'its not only here but in islam itself. we cant say and think of here only, but actually islam teaches us that'.


the second thing: during our dinner in u cafe, 9.30 pm after isya' prayer. we had to wait for almost an hour to get our 'nasi goreng ikan masin' and 'nasi goreng ayam' coz the cafe was so crowded due to the beijing olympic games. then two girls passed by and sat at the table in front of us. few minutes later, came two boys; sat together with the sisters just now. they talked. laughing. giggling.

dont know why did we feel extremely hot although the air-con was functioning well. we got our food and begun eating while watching the olympic. suddenly two brothers of the same age with us; in baju melayu, songkok and sarong pulled the chairs and sat between them. turned out they wanted to brainwash them. we smiled knowingly.

i managed to eavesdrop a part of their speech; the ustaz asked for the reason they sat together; groupwork or for fun, recited few verses from al-quran and hadith and throw some straight-to-the-point advices of which was obviously to make them realise their actions. i glanced at the faces of the 'suspects' once. no expression. two of the boys were busily eating, one of the sisters was talking to someone in the handphone (dont know if its real or she's faking it) and other girl stared directly to the face of one of the ustaz. i can say, he must feel kinda embarassed when the girl did that. he lowered his gaze but still talked to the boys.

after few minutes sermon, they shaked hands and apologise. and off they went. we finished our meal and went out. i can say... the advice didnt work at all as they still sat there after we paid our bills. but at least some of us do have the guts to confront people like them.

if u asked me to do the same thing as the ustazs did, i wont do it; although i know what they did was wrong. and as muslims, we should do something to prevent the immoral behaviour; but still, i'll pretend like nothing happened and did my own work. as im not THAT pious, i can feel that im not the right one to face them. and if i did, they can point back at me; u told us not to talk with the boys but you did it. u told us not to hang out with the boys but u did it. then whats the point of telling them things that me myself cant obey? does that makes me a bad muslim?

i dont know what's your opinion about this matter, but a fact that i think everybody will agree is: in international islamic university malaysia, the environment is based on religious values and we have to obey the rules as long as we are here. if you dont like the way this system works, then pack your things and move to university malaya. just outside there. and dont look back again.


  1. Islamic rules applies
    everywhere u r,
    whether in iium,
    u.m. or taylors college.

  2. ouch.
    i do agree with your statement, haque.
    but when i urge those who don't wanna comply with these rules to move to um, i mean that they should think of settling down in a place where they FEEL they can do anything opposed to islam.
    i dont mean um doesnt apply the islamic teachings and all that, but between these two universities, lots of difference exist.