Sunday, August 24, 2008


introduction to grimis ended up just now - 11 pm. the ceremony supposedly started at 8.15pm according to the brochures been given to the members but, sad to say there were only like twenty sisters showed up at that time. no sight of brothers. even one.

after waiting for few mins, kak ros came and the ceremony begun. the brothers entered the room one by one. oh they do exist, i thought their entire population has been wiped out by the natural disasters, massive explosion or something.

with fariq and adib being the emcees, they managed to cover up certain weaknesses during the event. when the sound of presentation couldnt be heard clearly, they said it was a surprise created on purpose for us. when it took quite a long time to make the show available, they chatted happily and shifted our attention from staring at the lcd projector to their non-stop babbling.

each bureaus presented the details about them with different ways. percussion bureau blew the night away with their percussion skills whereas the vocal bureau woke us up with their voice - singing nasyeed song entitled harapan. stage bureau showed off their talent by acting - spontaneous act; we've been told. while economy and d'graphic bureaus preferred to use power point presentation.

still, there got few mistakes here and there and the committees are holding a post-mortem session right now. im here but they are still in meeting. haha. cuz im not in the list of organizing committees for the ceremony just now but the upcoming event; iftar jamaie - well, im waiting nervously for that day to pass by successfully. hopefully.

why do i keep posting comments on the events i've attended? er, dunno. for fun, i guess? dont ask me why.