Monday, August 11, 2008


finished math exam just now; from 8.30 till 10 pm. nervously after maghrib prayer we hurried to the amf hall to sit for the exam. turns out the exam started at 8.30! yeah, never mind.. for the sake of the exam, we HAVE to be patient, although we were drenched in the sweat. and our baju kurungs were soaked. eww.
then the hall's door opened. jeng jeng jeng...

'ahh, at last we're gonna feel the cool air from the air-con..' unfortunately, that was so unlikely to be true. for the second time, we had to restrain ourselves from taking our clothes off. btw, we cant complete the exam naked, arent we? too many people'll get distracted. the boys especially. haha.

for once, let me savour the image of all of us doing the equation of the circle, completing the square and sketch the graph without any single piece of clothes on our body. must be cool then. way too cool. maybe ill try that some day soon. haha. if only someone give me ten thousand dollars then i can do that willingly. *grin*

whoa, back to the exam. argh.. as usual the math can never be easy. for me. me and math are two different elements which cannot collide with each other; the molecules tend to repel from being close to one another, resulting in a wide range of gap which is very difficult for the species of homo sapiens named me to get a high potential of marks in the area of math studies. there goes my essay, pretty good, isnt it? haha.

from now on i HAVE to persuade myself not to sit on this chair almost every night. my dad gave me a fair warning; ain, if u dont get excellent grades in exams, then you better prepare a good explanation'. argh. life is so interesting. wonderful. from the math problem, biology exam on this 16th + arabic exam.. and essay-writing exam this wednesday.. associated with the close-to-threat from my dad.. life is very much enjoyable.

for now im waiting for my ten thousand dollars. anyone?


  1. peh..
    bes giler timetable exam dia

    ten tousan?
    huh hu
    *im rUnin away


  2. ten thousand is not
    a lot these days.
    u better watch out

  3. at least lot enough to cover my expenses on new branded clothes! haha