Wednesday, August 20, 2008


its a competition of where iium students from pj and nilai campus show off their talents in acting, monologue, singing and others. me and my friends planned to join this but then, due to technical glitches and communication errors; we withdrew. *sigh*

i went for the show yesterday. u just cant believe on how many students turn in to watch this very spectacular event. i went there with fara, my dear friend. during the show, we can hear the students 'woo'ing and 'whoa'ing the contestants. the boys even stood up and clapped hands in unison after my friend, izzati alkaff finished her song. mariah-carey iium version, she's the one. no wonder she grabbed the first place, mind you; her voice is super-damn-beautiful.

fara said she felt like she was way back in our previous school, smart; where we can socially mingle with the boys, doing our own damn thing and nobody would mind your act if u did something opposed to islam. we came to this topic again, arent we?

there was this drama show directed by an ict student of pj campus; he and his friends worked out a drama of which i found it totally OFFENSIVE, PROVOCATIVE and definitely not suitable for the under-age youngsters to watch it. not that they are performing in buck naked or displaying their inappropriate parts; but.. its hard to explain actually. maybe from your point of view (if u watched it), it is widely acceptable to act like that in front of your fellow friends. after all, we need to put some real hot stuff in the drama to spice up things. yeah, living in iium is pretty much bored you to death so, u came up with that particular idea. how genius of you. really.

i cant help it but i managed to put up a real stunt yesterday. and i am damn proud of my action. no need to explain further. I HATE THE DRAMA. seriously.


  1. what was the drama
    all about?

  2. oh ha ha.. quite about a love story, i guess.