Monday, September 29, 2008


tomorrow we're gonna balik kampung and celebrate hari raya! cant wait to eat lots of kuih raya - almond london, cornflakes and kuih bunga cina are super-duper-yummy.

study? heh, just finished studying arabic, well.. maybe i'll do math's assignment after raya. and biology? erm.. where can i slip this subject in my pretty-busy-eating-kuih-raya routine after raya?

Friday, September 26, 2008


jeng jeng jeng!!

me and liza fooling around

hafiz sings beautifully

cicik with his guitar

that guy in white got free cd!! not fair!!

hafiz hamidun and cicik

Thursday, September 25, 2008


phew.. at last we managed to conduct the iftar quite well, our president said it was 70% successful; still it was an a-okay for me. during the post-mortem, i had been brainwashed severely; which part hurt the most? my heart. plus that time, i've had two session of brain-torture in which; both of the unsatisfied parties were my president and programme manager. nay, no need to explain more; i'll survive. if the 'survive' means acting cold each and every time i meet them, answer their questions briefly even if they need more precise answer and pretending not to glance at them when we walk on the same pathway...
aha, that's what i'm talking about!!

okay, i've got few pictures of the iftar to share with you. happy viewing!

spot suhaimi in the middle there!

ina and her baybee!!

sisters during iftar

orphans from asrama qana'ah

audience of mini concert

yeah, it may not be like a grand iftar at all; probably because of the lack of publicity and perhaps.. the students just dont like to come to a erm, well.. quite religious ceremony like this one.. well, i'll upload more pictures later.. for now, i wanna go upstairs and pack my things up coz tomorrow is the day of.... balik kampung!!! *grin*

Monday, September 22, 2008


few days before, i've been busy sorting out things to do regarding g'rimis iftar jamai'e (break-fast ceremony) due today. today! and we do have special appearance; hafiz hamidon, suhaimi + ina, muadz, akbar, iq-nig (iium's nasheed group) and orphans from asrama qana'ah. but our most critical problem: tickets!!

i wonder if the rm5 ticket is too expensive for college students or they just don't wanna get involved in this nasheed thingy. yesterday we set up the backdrop after tarawih and lasted till 3am. i had to go back early cuz my math group presentation still in progress, had to extend my sleep hour until 4am. *yawn*

luckily my bio quiz been postponed to tomorrow. argh, i pray fervently that the iftar'll run smoothly, god please please please!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


just finished my final exam for english paper - writing + reading + grammar. but there's got another english paper after raya. *sigh*

this ramadhan i've experienced irregular sleeping patterns throughout the day, feels like 24/7 wanna lie on the comfy bed. heheh, is that a serious symptom that needs to be supervised?

but the compulsory thingy that i gotta do every evening; guess what? bazaar ramadhan!! haha, luckily i have liza; my sweet roomie who walk beside me throughout our journey for almost like several kilometres from cenfos to the bazaar. quite tiring + exhausting but fun! heheh.

wasting our time hanging out in the bazaar seems decent enough rather than snoring loudly in the bed. haha.

what a ramadhan it is.

Friday, September 05, 2008


lots of things goin on here lately, but i refuse to say lot more. been busy for quizzes, tutorials and assignments. and a secret project is still runnin. dunno whether it'll work as planned or not.

btw, ahlan ya ramadhan..
'kedatanganmu dinanti, pemergianmu ditangisi'