Saturday, September 13, 2008


just finished my final exam for english paper - writing + reading + grammar. but there's got another english paper after raya. *sigh*

this ramadhan i've experienced irregular sleeping patterns throughout the day, feels like 24/7 wanna lie on the comfy bed. heheh, is that a serious symptom that needs to be supervised?

but the compulsory thingy that i gotta do every evening; guess what? bazaar ramadhan!! haha, luckily i have liza; my sweet roomie who walk beside me throughout our journey for almost like several kilometres from cenfos to the bazaar. quite tiring + exhausting but fun! heheh.

wasting our time hanging out in the bazaar seems decent enough rather than snoring loudly in the bed. haha.

what a ramadhan it is.

1 comment:

  1. owwhh...ain, it cant be that bad...
    think positive, dear...
    have a nice day everyday, yeah...