Monday, September 22, 2008


few days before, i've been busy sorting out things to do regarding g'rimis iftar jamai'e (break-fast ceremony) due today. today! and we do have special appearance; hafiz hamidon, suhaimi + ina, muadz, akbar, iq-nig (iium's nasheed group) and orphans from asrama qana'ah. but our most critical problem: tickets!!

i wonder if the rm5 ticket is too expensive for college students or they just don't wanna get involved in this nasheed thingy. yesterday we set up the backdrop after tarawih and lasted till 3am. i had to go back early cuz my math group presentation still in progress, had to extend my sleep hour until 4am. *yawn*

luckily my bio quiz been postponed to tomorrow. argh, i pray fervently that the iftar'll run smoothly, god please please please!

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