Monday, October 27, 2008


when your younger sisters wish you to be taller than them, suddenly you'll think of doing the bone operation - my lecturer mentioned about the bone being cut off and the doctor'll insert the tissue-whatsoever to make the bone longer. i know it's a crazy stuff but think of it over and over again, i should be grateful for who i am.. at least enough to persuade myself not to think about the height-thingy anymore..

but you know what, once when me and my younger sister jehan went to the petrol station to buy mineral water, there's this one guy said we looked like friends. not to mention several innocent questions 'who's the eldest sister here, you or you?' pointing hand to me and my younger sister. the most embarassing moment was when you were being mistaken as the younger one plainly because you are one inch shorter than your sis.

my sisters dont like me being the younger one. they're just jealous of me looking so young, dont you think so? ha.ha.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


muaahha.ha.ha. i got my laptop already! seems like my frowning-all-day plan worked! yesterday my dad gave it back to me, asked me not to spend more time playing games or else.. he's gonna take it back. i grinned and took my beloved compaq happily.

at 4 we're going to my mom's kampung - for a wedding. actually my mom went earlier for the preparation and my sisters and my dad will come later; that means today lah. it's my cousin's wedding. yeah maybe i'll include the pics later.

so long my friends - my sims are waiting for me. see ya. *grin*

Friday, October 24, 2008


nothing to do right now, im in holiday till 9th next month so other than playing the sims, ive got nothing else to do. am i pathetic?

now that my dad stole my laptop, i am so bored to death! actually, he's doing the right thing. when your daughter is so glued to the games 24/7, no one but you yourself must take charge, dont you think so?

but you know what this means to me? its only one thing - war.

Monday, October 20, 2008


i'm in su casa hotel now - after finished biology exam this evening, my family and i went straight to this apartment-like hotel to get rid of all the stress in our mind. right now im the only one who is still awake, my sisters all gone to sleep already.

*yawn* im also sleepy lah.. ha, forgot to tell ya.. yesterday i dreamt about him, believe it or not? haha anyway, gudnyte and wish me dreaming of him again tonight..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


we've met in the tuesday-pasar-malam just now and casually i walked past you on my way back to the campus while you and your friend are heading to the pasar malam. with your favourite-dark-shirt as you usually wear, i held my breath and squeezed my eyes; smiling joyfully after the unexpected encounter. gosh, i must be insane to think that you ever notice my presence there.

forget about the useless-romantic-thought, i'd like to tell you that me and liza got two free slices of keropok lekor!! the story goes like this - i said to liza that i felt like eating the delicious keropok lekor so we stopped at a stall, waiting for our turn to be served.

'kak nak brape kropok ni?'
'er.. singgit. eh, dua ringgit..' i didnt expect the seller to ask me about the keropok, so i stammered a bit.
'oh, dua ringgit.. tak de masalah.. mane2 pun boleh..'
me and liza looked at each other and giggled at his instant reply.
'ni ha, amik kropok free ni, malu nanti rugi.. ha ambik ambik..'
he offered a keropok to each of us and the other girl beside us. we laughed.
'masukkan skali dalam plastik boleh tak?'
'eh boleh, boleh.. ha ni, skali.. masuk dua lah.. padan muka biar berat bawak nanti..'
we laughed. gosh, this man really is something.. he gave the plastic to me. heh, keropok free, who doesnt want, ryte? haha. now liza's turn.
'ni gelak-gelak ni, nah amik dua jugak lah.. nah, selamat hari raye..'
we laughed and thanked the kind keropok seller, walking back..

that's when i met him. i thought he's going back home already. the rain starts to fall lightly...

gosh, why shouldn't i think of offering him an umbrella?

Monday, October 13, 2008


my roommate teha had left the room this evening; balik kampung for the holiday of course. me, liza and fara had to wait till our exam finishes. mine, math on this saturday and biology on sunday. god, cant wait to get back home; playing the sims and spore!! my recent-pirate-dvd-game bought last holiday, haha.

i'm planning to get the jonas brothers latest album; a little bit longer - i gotta buy it secretly since my parents wont let me get hold of any 'unnecessary' and 'un-nasheed' cds. guess i have to set my modus operandi carefully so that it'll be greatly unnoticed, hehe.

when your brain cells are being attacked by the streneous force of the campbell-adapted-scientific-terms like photorespiration, CAM pathway, photosystem, rubisco, succinyl coA, Kreb's cyle, Calvin cyle and whatever cycle in this world, you gotta find the way to increase the rate of brain absorption - signaling your medulla oblongata to send neurons to other related parts of your organ so that those images will be kept in your brain memory untouched. sometimes when you experience regular mental breakdown, you have to grab any campbell-biology-textbook nearby and go through the page of human respiration - there you can find the right techique of inhalation and exhalation; memorize those steps and what's more important, UNDERSTAND how your body system works. hopefully your stress will be reduced shortly after you get to know the real concept of breathing.

phew, the word 'biology' manages to send electric signal to my brain cells, trigger the feeling of nervousness to all my organs right now. my stomach hurts, my head aches, my hand trembles, my eyes sore... god, how i wish the time will past real soon.. so that i can throw away the campbell, bury it in my cupboard and patiently wait for the next semester to come to get hold of it again.

for now, here's the picture of us during the hari raya aidilfitri; cool isn't it? er.. except for my youngest sis, she really is a pic-spoiler.. haha

maybe this one looks better, huh?

yeah, whatever..

Saturday, October 11, 2008


although both of us are in the same institution, we’ve barely seen each other. i kinda miss you. a lot actually. now that we’re in the final-exam-period, the probability to accidentally meet each other is relatively small. not even one, I guess.

i know u had your computer class on thursday. after my biology class ended at 4, i always tried to find ways to see you. most of the times i dragged my friend, kyra to walk past the stad office just to have a glance at you walking to the computer lab. i had no idea whether you spot me in the middle of the people or not but one thing for sure, i walked back feeling satisfied and longed to see you again the next thursday.

during ramadhan, i love the feeling of anticipation whether you might be in the bazaar or not. at times our eyes met while walking on the same path, i recognize a glint of smile in your eyes. sometimes when you stroll along and laugh with your friends, i turned my head quickly to avoid your gaze. i pretended not to see you but deep down inside, i need to see your smiling face again. to make sure i can have a look at you, i went to the bazaar everyday. and you don’t disappoint me either. except for saturday and sunday, you were there each time i silently wish for you to appear.

i had this feeling that you are not gonna have a look at me even once considering the fact that you are tall, fair-looking, lean and handsome vs me, a little plain jane, neither gorgeous nor pretty and so totally the opposite of you. yeah, i got nothing to offer to you, im not an urban girl, im not rich, i’m not intelligent.. im just nobody. that’s just the painful truth i have to accept.

i realise both of us are from two different worlds apart. you are heading to gombak campus for your ict course, while im in kuantan studying medic. i even don’t know if this is your last semester here.. see? i know nothing about you. i don’t even know your full name, but people call you s***** - i know that. nothing else but only that. ironic, is it?

argh, i had this despair mood over me already. better i stop now. for mr.S, good luck to you. consider this fact: i’m an expert in tackling the love mystery among my friends, but i’ve got zero power to solve my own puzzle. haha., don’t you think so?

who's gonna help me now? not you, for sure.


my friend, qila was head over heels with mrF.A, the so-called-macho guy from her arabic class. she’d been longing to have his phone number a long time ago, and at last she got it with some kind of indirect help from her ustaz. they kept messaging, day and night.. anywhere, anytime, anyplace.. ok, i was exaggerating a bit.. haha

its about time to mention my part in this story. one day in our english class, qila told me she kinda like, admire, love.. opss.. adore mrF.A so much.. (she had this wide-to-the-ear smile and dreamy eyes each time the name of mrF.A arose..) so i asked her..

(the conversation has gone through several layers of editing to spice up thing a bit but the originality is still preserved)
‘you always say u like him, fond of him.. but does he know that?’
‘of course no. why?’
‘gosh, so how do you know he feel the same thing as you are?’
i cut back. ‘what if the feeling is just one-sided, and he thinks you are just merely a friend? is it ok with you?’
‘so what should i do? its not-so-like me to hit on straight to him, saying i like him just like that.. ewww, no way..’
‘ala, pandai-pandai lah you find the way to state your feelings to him.. but one thing for sure, u gotta know what he feels about you..’

when it comes to the love-thingy, leave it to the expert… which is me, in this case. haha. few days later, in the same old-looking classroom..
‘pah, i’ve confirmed it already..’ (with her usual girlish smile)
‘haa?? so how? come on, story la skit..’ i asked eagerly, don’t wanna prolong the surprise. she nodded and grinned. i laughed and urged her to tell us the whole story.

(the dialogue has to go in bahasa to make it more… hilarious and romantic, haha)
‘aku msg la dgn dye.. bagitau pasal shaq (bukan nama sebenar) yang slalu kacau aku tu.. aku cakap la aku tak suke shaq tapi dye tak faham2 bahase, sokmo je si shaq tu msg aku yang ngarut2.. aku pun jadi rimas lah..’
‘ha pastu pastu??’
‘pastu mrF.A reply ‘biarlah qila dengan shaq, xpe kan..’ pastu aku balas balik ‘janganlah macam tu, qila tak suke dye la.. nangis kang…’ dye balas plak ‘janganlah nangis, tak… qila bukan dengan dye, qila dengan abang je..’’

me and my friend yani squeaked in delight, giggled and commented on mrF.A’s oh-so-romantic reply. we laughed non-stop and qila continued..
‘pastu aku kate la ‘ameen..’ then dye reply balik ‘eh, nanti jadi betul karang baru tau’ pastu aku balas ‘x pe la kalau jadi betul pun..’

briefly, those sweet messages bring nothing but the plain truth and happiness to both sides. and as for me, yani and iza.. we are happy for you, pal… although mrF.A asked qila to keep their relationship as a secret, but you know.. there’s no such thing as secret among girlfriends. i jokingly say to her..
‘nanti aku nak pura-pura la tanye kat mrF.A ‘ko kenal qila tak?’ and kate kat dye ‘qila kirim salam kat ko, mrF.A..’
qila pinched me angrily..
‘don’t you dare do that, pah..’
‘ala, just wanna see his reaction, ok what…’

although i know qila didn’t permit me to say any single word to mrF.A, i just cant resist the urge to fool around a bit.. one day, after our biology class has ended, i waited at the door and waited for mrF.A to reach the door. then i said..
‘mrF.A, qila kirim salam..’
he blushed. ha. ha. ha. i cant stop myself from laughing, thinking he must be real embarrassed. i have no idea whether the other boys might hear my words or not.. basicly, i did that to see his reaction (as i said to qila before, i mean it) haha

that night, qila called me, scolding me for my unexpected action. words travel so fast, must be mrF.A telling her about that incident.

i just laughed back heartily.


lately, my best buddy nad is a 'sms'aholic: proved by the erratic ringing tone coming from her phone almost 24/7!! she kinda admire this guy: mr.A (bukan nama sebenar) and asked me to get his phone number from my former friend, nash. so i managed to coax him into surrendering mr.A's number to me. nash told me that mr.A's got gf already.. a sweet-15 girl from his previous school. they've been dating for almost several years back and they're still going steady for this moment. when i broke this news to nad, she was like, 'oh really? so he already have a gf. it's ok, i just wanna be friends with him..' although she was screaming like maniac right after she said that, and i had to calm her down with promising words - 'they might not be able to last long', i'm not very sure myself whether she'll be able to accept the ugly truth or not.

to make it short, from that day onwards.. nad and mr.A started to sms - mr.A didn't even know who is nad cuz she refused to expose her identity to him. nad told me everything about the content of his smses; complained that he always mentioned about his gf to her.. at the same time showered her with romantic words like 'sayang' and 'kalau kita couple..'. i was like, what the... what's the use of giving false hope to another girl since he already got one? that guy really made me pissed off and i felt like kicking his ass in front of his gf. who cares? yeah maybe nad will surely lecture me for my act but.. hey!! that guy is so not for you, he's using you, he's a playboy, wake up and kick his ass real hard!! oh how i wish i can tell you that, nad.. the fact that i cant utter the words cuz they might hurt you made me feel unconfortable inside. really.

while we were sitting in the bus on the way to uia few days ago, nad told me 'i watched this romantic indonesian movie ( the one with acha, irwanshah and the other girl.. i kinda forgot the title - im not into that type of movie actually) six times and i cried for every single time i watched it..' owh.. sorry i cant help you with anything, pal.. just few unsure words that might cool you down a bit. fyi, nad always call me and sometimes come over to my room informing me about that guy, with a sad and gloomy face - that's for sure. and me.. always been a good listener and advisor. hehe.

now that she stopped admiring about mr.A (i hope..), she got another guy - mr.N to cherish her. mr.N is a lecturer in uia gombak and kuantan campus.. if i told u the story of how they 'hooked' together, it must be a two-hours-sitting in this cc.. argh, i cant stand that.. so u gotta read what i’ve offered here only, ok.. get back to the nad-mr.N story, the same goes to mr.N – he has no idea who is the real nad, never meet or speak to her face-to-face. poor him. but at least ‘sms’ing with mr.N doesn’t make her frown, she’s always cheerful and happy at times she babbles about him to me. and that’s okay with me since my service as a counselor wont be needed again. haha.

the thing is.. i don’t know how long mr.A and mr.N can stand ‘sms’ing with an invisible friend (quoted from nad) and how long the secret that’s being safely hidden in nad’s pocket will last.. i’m anxiously waiting for the moment where the guarded secret will be exposed, eagerly hoping for a positive outcome from both of the poor guys..

gosh, i better prepare a box of tissues and sharpen my skills in the art of providing comfort words for the heartbroken gal.. oh how i wish it’s not gonna turn out as bad as i’ve imagined..

Monday, October 06, 2008


guess what, i checked out my mail just now and 89 messages inbox? not that i'm too lazy to sign in and read my messages, its just that.. em, well.. too busy studying might be the right excuse? or too 'busy' playing games. hehe.

god, my biology tutorials are left untouched until now.

math assignments: done.

hm, i should make it in capital.


now i just have to reach for the biology papers.. come on..

Friday, October 03, 2008

open house

3rd daya of raya: been busy from morn til eve.

10am: went hari raya-ing in the houses of relatives and friends
2pm: did math's assignment
3pm: played the sims seasons 2 games
5pm: helped my mom preparing for open house tonight

yeah, my grandma and my dad's siblings are gonna come over for a dinner after maghrib, so i'm quite busy in the kitchen right now.

busy cooking? nay, i got zero talent in the art of cooking. well, boiling the water sure is easy. er.. could you please remind me again on how to do that?