Monday, October 27, 2008


when your younger sisters wish you to be taller than them, suddenly you'll think of doing the bone operation - my lecturer mentioned about the bone being cut off and the doctor'll insert the tissue-whatsoever to make the bone longer. i know it's a crazy stuff but think of it over and over again, i should be grateful for who i am.. at least enough to persuade myself not to think about the height-thingy anymore..

but you know what, once when me and my younger sister jehan went to the petrol station to buy mineral water, there's this one guy said we looked like friends. not to mention several innocent questions 'who's the eldest sister here, you or you?' pointing hand to me and my younger sister. the most embarassing moment was when you were being mistaken as the younger one plainly because you are one inch shorter than your sis.

my sisters dont like me being the younger one. they're just jealous of me looking so young, dont you think so? ha.ha.

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