Saturday, October 11, 2008


lately, my best buddy nad is a 'sms'aholic: proved by the erratic ringing tone coming from her phone almost 24/7!! she kinda admire this guy: mr.A (bukan nama sebenar) and asked me to get his phone number from my former friend, nash. so i managed to coax him into surrendering mr.A's number to me. nash told me that mr.A's got gf already.. a sweet-15 girl from his previous school. they've been dating for almost several years back and they're still going steady for this moment. when i broke this news to nad, she was like, 'oh really? so he already have a gf. it's ok, i just wanna be friends with him..' although she was screaming like maniac right after she said that, and i had to calm her down with promising words - 'they might not be able to last long', i'm not very sure myself whether she'll be able to accept the ugly truth or not.

to make it short, from that day onwards.. nad and mr.A started to sms - mr.A didn't even know who is nad cuz she refused to expose her identity to him. nad told me everything about the content of his smses; complained that he always mentioned about his gf to her.. at the same time showered her with romantic words like 'sayang' and 'kalau kita couple..'. i was like, what the... what's the use of giving false hope to another girl since he already got one? that guy really made me pissed off and i felt like kicking his ass in front of his gf. who cares? yeah maybe nad will surely lecture me for my act but.. hey!! that guy is so not for you, he's using you, he's a playboy, wake up and kick his ass real hard!! oh how i wish i can tell you that, nad.. the fact that i cant utter the words cuz they might hurt you made me feel unconfortable inside. really.

while we were sitting in the bus on the way to uia few days ago, nad told me 'i watched this romantic indonesian movie ( the one with acha, irwanshah and the other girl.. i kinda forgot the title - im not into that type of movie actually) six times and i cried for every single time i watched it..' owh.. sorry i cant help you with anything, pal.. just few unsure words that might cool you down a bit. fyi, nad always call me and sometimes come over to my room informing me about that guy, with a sad and gloomy face - that's for sure. and me.. always been a good listener and advisor. hehe.

now that she stopped admiring about mr.A (i hope..), she got another guy - mr.N to cherish her. mr.N is a lecturer in uia gombak and kuantan campus.. if i told u the story of how they 'hooked' together, it must be a two-hours-sitting in this cc.. argh, i cant stand that.. so u gotta read what i’ve offered here only, ok.. get back to the nad-mr.N story, the same goes to mr.N – he has no idea who is the real nad, never meet or speak to her face-to-face. poor him. but at least ‘sms’ing with mr.N doesn’t make her frown, she’s always cheerful and happy at times she babbles about him to me. and that’s okay with me since my service as a counselor wont be needed again. haha.

the thing is.. i don’t know how long mr.A and mr.N can stand ‘sms’ing with an invisible friend (quoted from nad) and how long the secret that’s being safely hidden in nad’s pocket will last.. i’m anxiously waiting for the moment where the guarded secret will be exposed, eagerly hoping for a positive outcome from both of the poor guys..

gosh, i better prepare a box of tissues and sharpen my skills in the art of providing comfort words for the heartbroken gal.. oh how i wish it’s not gonna turn out as bad as i’ve imagined..

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