Tuesday, October 14, 2008


we've met in the tuesday-pasar-malam just now and casually i walked past you on my way back to the campus while you and your friend are heading to the pasar malam. with your favourite-dark-shirt as you usually wear, i held my breath and squeezed my eyes; smiling joyfully after the unexpected encounter. gosh, i must be insane to think that you ever notice my presence there.

forget about the useless-romantic-thought, i'd like to tell you that me and liza got two free slices of keropok lekor!! the story goes like this - i said to liza that i felt like eating the delicious keropok lekor so we stopped at a stall, waiting for our turn to be served.

'kak nak brape kropok ni?'
'er.. singgit. eh, dua ringgit..' i didnt expect the seller to ask me about the keropok, so i stammered a bit.
'oh, dua ringgit.. tak de masalah.. mane2 pun boleh..'
me and liza looked at each other and giggled at his instant reply.
'ni ha, amik kropok free ni, malu nanti rugi.. ha ambik ambik..'
he offered a keropok to each of us and the other girl beside us. we laughed.
'masukkan skali dalam plastik boleh tak?'
'eh boleh, boleh.. ha ni, skali.. masuk dua lah.. padan muka biar berat bawak nanti..'
we laughed. gosh, this man really is something.. he gave the plastic to me. heh, keropok free, who doesnt want, ryte? haha. now liza's turn.
'ni gelak-gelak ni, nah amik dua jugak lah.. nah, selamat hari raye..'
we laughed and thanked the kind keropok seller, walking back..

that's when i met him. i thought he's going back home already. the rain starts to fall lightly...

gosh, why shouldn't i think of offering him an umbrella?

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