Saturday, October 11, 2008


my friend, qila was head over heels with mrF.A, the so-called-macho guy from her arabic class. she’d been longing to have his phone number a long time ago, and at last she got it with some kind of indirect help from her ustaz. they kept messaging, day and night.. anywhere, anytime, anyplace.. ok, i was exaggerating a bit.. haha

its about time to mention my part in this story. one day in our english class, qila told me she kinda like, admire, love.. opss.. adore mrF.A so much.. (she had this wide-to-the-ear smile and dreamy eyes each time the name of mrF.A arose..) so i asked her..

(the conversation has gone through several layers of editing to spice up thing a bit but the originality is still preserved)
‘you always say u like him, fond of him.. but does he know that?’
‘of course no. why?’
‘gosh, so how do you know he feel the same thing as you are?’
i cut back. ‘what if the feeling is just one-sided, and he thinks you are just merely a friend? is it ok with you?’
‘so what should i do? its not-so-like me to hit on straight to him, saying i like him just like that.. ewww, no way..’
‘ala, pandai-pandai lah you find the way to state your feelings to him.. but one thing for sure, u gotta know what he feels about you..’

when it comes to the love-thingy, leave it to the expert… which is me, in this case. haha. few days later, in the same old-looking classroom..
‘pah, i’ve confirmed it already..’ (with her usual girlish smile)
‘haa?? so how? come on, story la skit..’ i asked eagerly, don’t wanna prolong the surprise. she nodded and grinned. i laughed and urged her to tell us the whole story.

(the dialogue has to go in bahasa to make it more… hilarious and romantic, haha)
‘aku msg la dgn dye.. bagitau pasal shaq (bukan nama sebenar) yang slalu kacau aku tu.. aku cakap la aku tak suke shaq tapi dye tak faham2 bahase, sokmo je si shaq tu msg aku yang ngarut2.. aku pun jadi rimas lah..’
‘ha pastu pastu??’
‘pastu mrF.A reply ‘biarlah qila dengan shaq, xpe kan..’ pastu aku balas balik ‘janganlah macam tu, qila tak suke dye la.. nangis kang…’ dye balas plak ‘janganlah nangis, tak… qila bukan dengan dye, qila dengan abang je..’’

me and my friend yani squeaked in delight, giggled and commented on mrF.A’s oh-so-romantic reply. we laughed non-stop and qila continued..
‘pastu aku kate la ‘ameen..’ then dye reply balik ‘eh, nanti jadi betul karang baru tau’ pastu aku balas ‘x pe la kalau jadi betul pun..’

briefly, those sweet messages bring nothing but the plain truth and happiness to both sides. and as for me, yani and iza.. we are happy for you, pal… although mrF.A asked qila to keep their relationship as a secret, but you know.. there’s no such thing as secret among girlfriends. i jokingly say to her..
‘nanti aku nak pura-pura la tanye kat mrF.A ‘ko kenal qila tak?’ and kate kat dye ‘qila kirim salam kat ko, mrF.A..’
qila pinched me angrily..
‘don’t you dare do that, pah..’
‘ala, just wanna see his reaction, ok what…’

although i know qila didn’t permit me to say any single word to mrF.A, i just cant resist the urge to fool around a bit.. one day, after our biology class has ended, i waited at the door and waited for mrF.A to reach the door. then i said..
‘mrF.A, qila kirim salam..’
he blushed. ha. ha. ha. i cant stop myself from laughing, thinking he must be real embarrassed. i have no idea whether the other boys might hear my words or not.. basicly, i did that to see his reaction (as i said to qila before, i mean it) haha

that night, qila called me, scolding me for my unexpected action. words travel so fast, must be mrF.A telling her about that incident.

i just laughed back heartily.

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