Monday, October 13, 2008


my roommate teha had left the room this evening; balik kampung for the holiday of course. me, liza and fara had to wait till our exam finishes. mine, math on this saturday and biology on sunday. god, cant wait to get back home; playing the sims and spore!! my recent-pirate-dvd-game bought last holiday, haha.

i'm planning to get the jonas brothers latest album; a little bit longer - i gotta buy it secretly since my parents wont let me get hold of any 'unnecessary' and 'un-nasheed' cds. guess i have to set my modus operandi carefully so that it'll be greatly unnoticed, hehe.

when your brain cells are being attacked by the streneous force of the campbell-adapted-scientific-terms like photorespiration, CAM pathway, photosystem, rubisco, succinyl coA, Kreb's cyle, Calvin cyle and whatever cycle in this world, you gotta find the way to increase the rate of brain absorption - signaling your medulla oblongata to send neurons to other related parts of your organ so that those images will be kept in your brain memory untouched. sometimes when you experience regular mental breakdown, you have to grab any campbell-biology-textbook nearby and go through the page of human respiration - there you can find the right techique of inhalation and exhalation; memorize those steps and what's more important, UNDERSTAND how your body system works. hopefully your stress will be reduced shortly after you get to know the real concept of breathing.

phew, the word 'biology' manages to send electric signal to my brain cells, trigger the feeling of nervousness to all my organs right now. my stomach hurts, my head aches, my hand trembles, my eyes sore... god, how i wish the time will past real soon.. so that i can throw away the campbell, bury it in my cupboard and patiently wait for the next semester to come to get hold of it again.

for now, here's the picture of us during the hari raya aidilfitri; cool isn't it? er.. except for my youngest sis, she really is a pic-spoiler.. haha

maybe this one looks better, huh?

yeah, whatever..

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