Thursday, November 13, 2008


my mom called me several nights before. told me my sis was kinda missing me a lot. she looked at my pic and brought it to bed. she cried frequently. so my mom asked me to talk to her.

i said yes.

when the line being passed to her, i can only hear her sobbing - calling my name. i greeted her, asked her how's life there... with my own tears rolled heavily on my cheek. i just cant stand if someone was crying: especially my family members. call me whatever, but that's me.

my voice quivered slightly but i didnt make it clear to her that i was crying. i acted like im happy to talk to her and told her i was going back home soon. she then stopped crying and talked to me.

a call came in later. its her again. telling me she's sorry and good night. told me she loves me. i replied i love you.

8-year old kid she is. its me who's supposed to do the crying, not you dear. next time dont let it happen again. call me if you need me. ill be there.

dont cry again.

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