Saturday, November 08, 2008


eight things happened during the holiday:

1. finished my barbara delinsky’s family tree – an interesting novel I’d say. White father, white mother but they got a black baby. The father’s side are 100% sure their ancestors are white so they put the blame on the mother since she didn’t have any clue about her heritage whatsoever. At first the father even doubted the baby was his own daughter! He even accused his own wife having an affair with their neighbour, a black guy who had a crush with her long time ago. They had to do the DNA test to make sure the baby was officially the product of his doings; not someone else. How ridiculous is that? What kind of husband who is so cruel to do that? Does he ever heard of the word TRUST? To make it short, it turns out that the father and his family were wrong. The black trait came from the father’s side, haha.

2. bought jodi picoult’s collection of the tenth circle, mercy and keeping faith. Tenth circle: done. Mercy: still reading. Keeping faith: later.

3. the wedding thingy? Ring a bell? Owh, just so you know, I was one of the crew members in the wedding preparation. Haha, don’t believe me eh? Okay, here’s the proof. I was the one who chopped the pineapple er… cut and sliced the pineapple to be served for the newly-weds. Unbelievable? Believe it.

4. forced by my mom to attend this religious sort of activity where we prayed maghrib and isyak’ congregationally, with the solat hajat and there was the talk to knock some senses into the heads of teenagers so that they respect and appreciate their family and life more. And there came the advice of the aurah part – how I LOVE that. *sigh* I was listening to david archuleta’s crush on when the ustazah said something about the dress code that we should always observed… or is it time for refreshments already?

5. cant get enough of the sims 2 – the apartment life. My sisters were strongly influenced by me as they kept begging me ‘kak ain, kak ain.. malam ni… je’ then ‘kak ain, nak create sim je.. pastu dah’ and there goes ‘ala.. sket je lagi nak abis nih.. jap je lagi, kak ain kan dah nak balik dah uia…’ so I was like, ‘okay fine, do whatever u guys wanna do.. as long as you don’t crush my laptop’. Guess I have to set some ground rules around here – only one gaming hour for each of them, not more than that. Or.. should I behave like a matured sister and stop playing the stupid games? Duh.

6. my sister shoved me a local English novel, telling me to go through the pages and read it. I scanned it, made a face and said ‘huh? What’s with the hadith, quranic verses and all sort of advice here?’ I thought she’s gonna let that thing off for a while. You know what, during our break in secret recipe after hours of shopping, she told my dad about my not-so-good behaviour of which.. as a good girl, I shouldn’t do that. In front of her, at least. She lamented ‘see? She got no interest in this kind of religious novel, all she want is those secular novels only.’ I pushed my jodi picoult’s mercy into my bag. My sister even mimicked my face expression earlier in which, I strongly denied because… she was exaggerating! She made it look like I was disgusted by the religious novel in which I maybe not quite ‘attracted’ to that kind of novel. Sounds better like that.

7. yeah, the herbal tea thing. I saw this green box in watsons and asked my dad to buy it, since it was stated there ‘detoxslim; natural clenx tea’. I thought ‘why not give it a try, got nothing to lose..’ my dad at first kinda disagree to let me try the tea as he said, it was not gonna work, all you got is only a stomachache. But being me, I persuaded him – promised to finish all the tea packs within two weeks. My dad said ‘okay, let’s see..’. After two times consuming the tea, I had to pay several visits to the toilets, not to mention the moment my stomach made this grumbling noise at 3 in the morning and I gotta rush to the toilet a.s.a.p! pretending like its not a big deal, I kept drinking the tea (to prove to my dad that he was wrong, to tell him I am so gonna keep my promise) until I had trouble with my stomach during our shopping time in east coast mall!! I was like, ‘dammit, why is that my stomach chose this moment to grumble? i cant just go to the toilet mall as my dad was in a hurry to go back home!’ so I suffered all through the way back and dashed towards the toilet a second after my dad opened the door. And now, I had to think twice before I had the nerve to grab that tea sachet again. my dad keep asking me ‘oh, the tea finished already?’ and I pretend not to hear him.

8. it is becoming a mutual habit of mine to ‘show my love and affection’ towards my sisters. Hair-grabbing, fist-fighting, superpoke and quarelling are the best ways of showing one’s gratitude towards her sisters. Shouting at each other’s face and slapping the backs are just perfect to start the day. *grin*

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