Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new look

new year's coming, new look is on the go. and how's the black going? matches ur mood? suits ur eyes?

ps. dear all my friendz, dont wanna change ur template eh? its new year!! lol.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


"by your all word coming from you...represent a very strong and intelligent lady of you....

its like a rose ...small but has the strongest pleasant scent....

its hard to meet a girl...that have the "brain"...all i`ve met...just have the beauty...."

wtf?? that is so... lame. and yukkk. ewww. erghhh. *puke*

okay, the story goes like this. there's this one guy (he's a psycho maybe) i happened to know in tagged. he sent me messages (which i dont need to tell y'all th details) and me.. pretending to be all nice, replied back.

once he asked, "i just wondering why you put that teddy picture...instead of putting your own pic?"

i think u alrdy knw what's my reply, i said "nothing wrong wit that, aite? in other words.. none f ur business, dude. lol. dont mind my words. no offense. lol."

its not considered as rude, i guess. er.. is it? of course it isnt. so whaddya expect me to treat a stranger, with unconditional love and continuos caring? actually it depends on what kind of stranger, actually. lol.

hopefully that guy doesnt read this post. or if he does, one simple request:

next time u ever wanna write a poem for me, do compare me with nicole kidman or reese witherspoon. no no, make it erra fazira or nasha aziz. they do have brains and beauty, arent they?

is that too much to ask? lol.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


on hols again ryte now.. but got mid-sem exam after this..
books, wait a sec. here i come!! lol

Monday, December 22, 2008

stay up

know wut, me and my fren r plannin 2 stay up till... say, 3 or 4 am tonite. cuz our english outline still hasnt complete!!! the DEADline?? TOMORROW!!!

yeah i know, its my fault for not doing it asap.. no need to nag me around.. lol

Saturday, December 20, 2008


by the time i put the physics tutorial on the table and read the first question, i slip the paper back into my bag.

it is so damn difficult i dont bother to try it first. i just know it.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


am i too late to wish for eidul adha?? hope's not.

selamat hari raya!!! lol

Friday, December 12, 2008


lots of ways for havin fun. a friend of mine is clubbin right now. dont know what hes doing right at this moment. dancing, flirting, singing, headbanging whatsoever. btw, who cares?

im planning to watch the house series righhhtttt after this. yeah its one of the ways having fun. MY way.

suddenly i wish i never know him at all.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


he said i look dorky in this glasses. she said its too big. which in turn, makes me think of buying contact lens. not the hazelnut-babyblue-violet-greenish kinda lens, a plain one should do it. after all, im not gonna use it all the time. id say.. for special events only. huh, lyke wut?? lol.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


i accompanied my 8-year-old-sissy to find her make-up thingy; in east coast mall. we went to a girly shop then she browsed through the whole stack of colourful make-ups there.

i asked her 'what do u wanna buy?'

she said 'mascara' (is my spelling correct? lol.)

i was lyke, huh? mascara?

to tell you the truth, i had no idea what the hell it is. i mean, not lyke i dont have a clue about that thing. ive heard of the mascara before, something to do with your eyelashes or something, ryte? but i jus kinda forget what does it looks like. dont. laugh.

after few mins, thank god.. i found it. at the top of the rack, it stated there; mascara. i gave it to my sis. she then looked at it and said 'this one is blue. got black?'

i was lyke, huh? what blue? how do u know? gosh, lucky i dont say it out loud as the two salesgals were there. they might have thought i was a stupido. at that instant i grabbed the other mascara and passed to her. 'ha, this one is black'

phew.. at last. i thought she was done, but then she said again 'i want this eye-shadow and a lipstick. a small one'. whaaaattt???

oh boy oh boy oh boy.. my dad gave me only rm30 to spend on her. i had to do quick mental calculation so that the money is enough for her things. after she got her stuff, i paid em.. and sighed.

god, i really have no idea what she will be 10 years later. my only wish, dont let me do the shopping with her on that particular time. lol.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

jolly holly

here comes the holiday again! a week at home should be more than enough.
at 10pm yesterday i got back home - my uncle fetch us(my sis+me), my lil sissy shouted our names.. grabbed our hands and asked me to read up storybooks to her. pretended to be nicey (although i was so damn tired after the journey), i took the nursery rhyme book (which i bought from mph), and started singing. baa baa black sheep... lol.

my sis-jehan told me about her camping trip - way too scary as she received messages from lesbians!! i was lyke 'omg! that cant be true, ryte?' she said there were lesbos at the camp in which.. i cant say for sure if it was true. i mean, it was some sort of an islamic camping thingy... oh my, anything can happen anywhere, aite? no biggie.

my other sis-syakira suddenly came into my room, grabbed my backpack (with laptop inside it) and ran off to my mom's room. i shouted over at her and laughed. oh boy, looks lyke she is more likely to celebrate my laptop than i am! indeed, who can resist the power of the sims? lol.