Tuesday, December 30, 2008


"by your all word coming from you...represent a very strong and intelligent lady of you....

its like a rose ...small but has the strongest pleasant scent....

its hard to meet a girl...that have the "brain"...all i`ve met...just have the beauty...."

wtf?? that is so... lame. and yukkk. ewww. erghhh. *puke*

okay, the story goes like this. there's this one guy (he's a psycho maybe) i happened to know in tagged. he sent me messages (which i dont need to tell y'all th details) and me.. pretending to be all nice, replied back.

once he asked, "i just wondering why you put that teddy picture...instead of putting your own pic?"

i think u alrdy knw what's my reply, i said "nothing wrong wit that, aite? in other words.. none f ur business, dude. lol. dont mind my words. no offense. lol."

its not considered as rude, i guess. er.. is it? of course it isnt. so whaddya expect me to treat a stranger, with unconditional love and continuos caring? actually it depends on what kind of stranger, actually. lol.

hopefully that guy doesnt read this post. or if he does, one simple request:

next time u ever wanna write a poem for me, do compare me with nicole kidman or reese witherspoon. no no, make it erra fazira or nasha aziz. they do have brains and beauty, arent they?

is that too much to ask? lol.

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