Saturday, December 06, 2008

jolly holly

here comes the holiday again! a week at home should be more than enough.
at 10pm yesterday i got back home - my uncle fetch us(my sis+me), my lil sissy shouted our names.. grabbed our hands and asked me to read up storybooks to her. pretended to be nicey (although i was so damn tired after the journey), i took the nursery rhyme book (which i bought from mph), and started singing. baa baa black sheep... lol.

my sis-jehan told me about her camping trip - way too scary as she received messages from lesbians!! i was lyke 'omg! that cant be true, ryte?' she said there were lesbos at the camp in which.. i cant say for sure if it was true. i mean, it was some sort of an islamic camping thingy... oh my, anything can happen anywhere, aite? no biggie.

my other sis-syakira suddenly came into my room, grabbed my backpack (with laptop inside it) and ran off to my mom's room. i shouted over at her and laughed. oh boy, looks lyke she is more likely to celebrate my laptop than i am! indeed, who can resist the power of the sims? lol.

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