Sunday, December 07, 2008


i accompanied my 8-year-old-sissy to find her make-up thingy; in east coast mall. we went to a girly shop then she browsed through the whole stack of colourful make-ups there.

i asked her 'what do u wanna buy?'

she said 'mascara' (is my spelling correct? lol.)

i was lyke, huh? mascara?

to tell you the truth, i had no idea what the hell it is. i mean, not lyke i dont have a clue about that thing. ive heard of the mascara before, something to do with your eyelashes or something, ryte? but i jus kinda forget what does it looks like. dont. laugh.

after few mins, thank god.. i found it. at the top of the rack, it stated there; mascara. i gave it to my sis. she then looked at it and said 'this one is blue. got black?'

i was lyke, huh? what blue? how do u know? gosh, lucky i dont say it out loud as the two salesgals were there. they might have thought i was a stupido. at that instant i grabbed the other mascara and passed to her. 'ha, this one is black'

phew.. at last. i thought she was done, but then she said again 'i want this eye-shadow and a lipstick. a small one'. whaaaattt???

oh boy oh boy oh boy.. my dad gave me only rm30 to spend on her. i had to do quick mental calculation so that the money is enough for her things. after she got her stuff, i paid em.. and sighed.

god, i really have no idea what she will be 10 years later. my only wish, dont let me do the shopping with her on that particular time. lol.

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