Friday, January 02, 2009


..since the new year mood is still fresh, im gonna make a huge change. this blog is goin private, whaddya think? i mean, im gonna make certain friends have the access to it. aww.. its not that i dont like YOU to read my posts, but then after doin lots of thinkin all night long.. i guess its better be private. if let say, im gonna throw some nasty comments about my friend, i know he cant read it as i dont want him to read it by making him cant read it.. (wut the hell am i talkin bout??) so i have the freedom to humiliate him as much as i want! okay, maybe thats too much. but you get my point, aite???

maybe ill change the settings before i go back to uia. that means tomorrow. yeah ok. starting the day after tomorrow, goodbye guys. muahahahaha (evil laugh)

ps. for nad, aimi, alli, nantini and azreeza.. dont worry. u guys are on the list. lol.

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