Saturday, January 31, 2009


ok ill update ill update.. yeah know, ive not been in the mood for blogging these few days.. a lil bit of lazy + busy making me dizzy!!! huahuahua there's the rhyme!

yes my dear pm, u may enter this site now. no more restricted area. lol. ive got to think twice, no.. thrice.. no, more than that.. to switch the private setting, ya know. requires intense moment of insanity n high degree of morality.. or is it immorality? lol.

ps. the large gap between the days.. actually, ssshhhh... i had already removed all the @#$% pictures and %&*#@$% posts so that all of you; under-age people can view the squeky-clean posts only. muahahaha. there's the evil laugh again. lol.

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