Friday, January 02, 2009

tagged by nad

since i feel like i do have the free time doin the taggy thingy, then i'll do it. (i browsed thru nad's page and happened to read the tag. its on october 28, actually. wait a sec, i din post anything bout it yet?? gosh, how cn i forget?? lol)
ok here it goes..

Starting time: 3.26pm on the 2nd day of new year.. 2009
Name : nurul ain bt badaruddin (err, is that my real name?)
Sisters : 1 elder sis and 4 younger ones (welcome to the house full of chaos!)
Brothers : can i wish for one?
Shoe size : wut for? wanna buy me a pair, eh?
Height : 152cm (i am bein honest. dont ever try makin fun of it)
**sheesh.. lucky got no weight question ere... lol

Where do you live : kuantan (come over 4 dinner tonite)
Have you ever been on a plane : lemme just say a big, fat... DUHH!!!
Swam in the ocean : i dunno how 2 swim, actually. but the answer to this quest is yes.
Fallen asleep at school : yeah maybe i did. i just love sleeeeping.
Broken someone’s heart : make the heart with a capital S behind it..
Fell off your chair : perhaps
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : even tho i know he WILL NOT..
Saved e-mails : pardon my laughter
What is your room like : bright greeeeenn wallpapers
What’s right beside you: now?? my eap research papers
What is the last thing you ate : rice with prawn with veggie with.. oh do i have to mention ALL that??

Ever had...
Chicken pox : yes
Sore throat : yes
Stitches : ouch, it hurts isnt it?
Broken nose : double ouchhh..
Do you believe in love at first sight : owh come on, that is so old-fashioned. who could ever believe in that. i do!
Like picnics : in the backyard or seaside?

Who was/were...
The last person you danced with : the first and last dance in egypt, lol
Last made you smile : i smile every sec, hw cn i know??
You last yelled at : my 4 n 9 yr-old sisterz.. they are natural born hooligans..

Today did you...
Talk to someone you like : he doesnt even bother to call..
Kissed anyone : my 4-yr-ol sis
Get sick : runnin nose
Talk to an ex : ex with an s please??
Miss someone : gee.. tough question there, pal..

Who do you really hate: really hate? no one. but average hate? lots..
Do you like your hand-writing : like? erghh.. puh-lea-seee..
Are your toe nails painted : another wish??
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : his
What color shirt are you wearing now : er.. yellow? does it matter?
Are you a friendly person : i am no good in the art of praising me
Do you have any pets : used to have fishes in aquarium
Do you sleep with the TV on : if i do, my mom will nag me the next day
What are you doing right now : thinkin bout him
Can you handle the truth : if it doesnt hurt me
Are you closer to your mother or father : mom maybe??
Do you eat healthy : hey!! im tryin to watch my diet ok!
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : ha.ha.ha.
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : who? me?
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : whaddya think?
Are you confident : when it comes to luv, a straight no.

5 things I did 10 years ago (to be accurate, when i was 8)
1) went to school?? duh
2) cried almost every day
3) played wit my elder sis
4) did i wear pampers at that time?? lol
5) wutever an 8-yr-ol will do.. think it urself..

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1) if... how i luv that word..
2) shopping!!!
3) grow the money, 4 sure. (it doesnt involve soil or vase)
4) yeah, travel around the world
5) can i bring him too?? lol

5 of my bad habits
1) always shout (HEY!!! IS THAT A BAAAD HABIIT???)
2) lazy (who aren't?)
3) always nag (du u have to read this? its wastin ur time, go study!!)
4) negative-thinker (its not always positive in this life..)
5) the-sims-addict (what? r u sayin the sims??)

5 places I've lived/living
1) im livin in kuantan
2) lived in smkap's hostel for almost 3 years
3) lived in seseri's hostel for.. say, 2 weeks?
4) in smart?? nay, enough wit hostel already..
5) im planning to live in... ireland (is that in the question?)

5 people I tag
can i make it into 1?? you! (if u got the time to do it, just go on!)

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