Tuesday, March 31, 2009


even tho i cant get to study fim, but i manage to squeeze math 2 into ma schedule. 2geza with ma friend. hohoho. so now im takin biolab and math 2. lets hav a look at tha pitcha..

a bit shaky, tho... hohoho, actually we ran out of time; that test tube contained hydrolyzed sucrose didnt turn brick red as expected. or was it due to the absence of hydrochloric acid? no no, nad assured me. so maybe we didnt put the benedict reagent in that solution? err.. but we dont have to, right? the manual said put hydrochloric acid in a fresh sample of sucrose. no benedict!! so whats the problem, eh? so we decided to give up on that particular thingy and focused on other experiment. argh... and by that, i mean we have to ask (and copy) the result of someone else's experiment on that ***** sucrose. haishh.. with that L-size-but-looks-like-XXL labcoat, for sure i gotta roll the sleeves each and everytime i enter the lab.

and please.. have a look at this newspaper cuttings... even if you dont want to, i insist. haha, what to do eh??

notice something interesting?? hohoho its tha iium's logo!! haha, not a biggie of course, im just looking forward to be eager on something. as i cant get myself to drool over my secret crush or persuade my dad to give extra money.. this is all i could do.

here's the other half. its tha IIUM Medical City Ground Breaking Ceremony by Pak Lah. ughh. whatever.. (im just gettin all excited on the iium's logo, thats all. nothing more beyond that.)

and during our biolab period, sir mahathir came in and demanded.. (err.. not really demanded lah..)..asked for a few students to attend the so-called-auspicious-and-grandeur-event. he mentioned about the free meal, souvenirs or something; i cant quite catch the words. duh... like i care.

hey, id looove to go but unfortunately ive got class that evening. math 2. and between looking at pak lah's face and focusing on sir azrul's, i choose the latter. plus.. pak lah's not very good-looking, eh? opsss... if najib's comin.. or hishamuddin, i'll rethink. oh no, make it anwar ibrahim. controversial enough. and interesting. way too interesting. hohoho.

whatever... fyi, i pasted that cutting on ma roomboard to show my spirit of patriotism to my beloved iium. lame. yeah i know. (syyhhh jus in case the dean read my blog, maybe he'll reward me with something as ive got what it takes to be a loyal iium student. and for my gratitude and appreciation to iium too. hmm, an award maybe??)

dream on, babe!! not a chance.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

it = he = him

why do you wanna forget, suddenly it popped into your mind? and when you just stop hoping, it appeared in front of you.. coincidentally. how do you know if actually you despise it or you like it??

ps. why do i feel that it would be better to replace it with he or him? or am i the one who only think that way?? lol.

i miss it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


it hurts when your feelings kinda blend into the various burst of emotions.

pissed off, angry and sad at the same time. would it be possible to cool em down?

i dont know. but one thing i know, it sure takes a long time to get rid of em.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


this sem i only get to study biology lab 1 and fim: understanding islam, hopefully.

and what will i be doing for the two months ahead? the sims? again? haha.

im getting bored with the game already. maybe i should shift to another hobby.

omg, is that ME saying that? get real!! lol

Friday, March 20, 2009

awww pickles...

my mom snapped 'the sims' cd i put on the table into several pieces.

know why??

she din like tha 'kissin h huggin' image of a couple on the cd's cover.

and i wuz like... er, okay...

im off to kl tomorrow. and be back to uia on sunday. see ya next time.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


next days of hols...
well, its all bout gamez, goofin n playin around, eatin, sleepin n watchin tv's. to say life's been monotonous lately, yes indeed. but its fun livin up like this.

know why?

first, tha financial thingy. u get to spend NOT ur own money, but ur parents's. owh how i love that.. tha big apple dow-narts, yummy chicken rice, sushi, tomyam.. (eh how come its all about food, eh?)

secondly, u dont have to glue ur face in tha books all time as v r in tha holiday spirit. no bookz, no homework, no assignments, no quizzes, no tutorials!! yay me!!

and thirdly, what else? u get to spend quality time witcha FAMILY!! erm, n why did this reason be tha last one?? dunno. dont ask me y.

Monday, March 09, 2009


4th day of hols: 8 march 2009 (sunday)
today marked the 2nd time my daddy's car got damaged. a new car, mind ya. i had the honour to perform the ritual.. muahahaha (ursula-like evil laugh). ill show ya the pic later. hoho, my dad pinched ma ear this evening when my he came home. my mom got nothing to say... speechless. clueless. wireless. er.. wrong 'less' aite? yeah, i know. wutever. my mom was lyke 'malas nak layan dah.. kalau bab2 jahanamkan barang bagi je kat ain..' not that she said it out loud, but i just knew it. em, did i mention my special ability to read people's mind? not yet? so now you know.

for now i just wanted to show ya za pics during our program at hilton hotel pj on 12th february. yeah, a bit late but somehow we're still in the mood right.. 100 people attended za event and 40 of em were orphans from rumah penyayang raudhah. ther ya go..

in the ballroom.. cool huh..

announcing ten gorgeous models of international islamic university malaysia petaling jaya.. adorned with the sponsored clothes from...

anngun eksotika..

little dubai collection..

and turkuaz...

please, give a round applause to the models!! then za speacial performances by irfan, bintang kecil mawaddah and feelheart!!! got no pics of feelheart. mind ya, those pics all i got from ma fren atiqa as she was our 'photographer' for that nite. n from kak akmal too. i was too busy babbling.. haha

irfan nasyeed group, the leader was in black and white vest, brother abu hurairah. ayunni, what say you?? haha

bintang kecil raudhah on the stage... super-duper-fabuloustic performance!!

one of the models, kak nurul fadzilah posed with the kids of bintang kecil raudhah. cute, eh?? er.. which one? za kids or za model?? huhuhu

ah-ah.. those three are taken. yes, all of em. so dont ever think about that.. yes i know wut's in your mind, pal. my advice, dont.

those arent the models, sorry eh.. haha. those three are taken. one is still single (and available) but i wont point out who's the one. guess guess guess. hey, where's me? ya guys left me out, eh...

ha, this one's better.. we posed with brother azif, an ex-cfsiium student.. cool, i just love this pic. yeah, he's tall i know. me and ma frenz are all rendang-rendang.. but is that a huge problem for ya??? if not, then fine. lol

opsie... this one's not in the program at all. a bit shaky there cuz we were sitting at the back of the 4x4 triton my daddy just bought... takde keje, cari keje, aite?? haha

dawning in peace and serenity.. lol

so think thatz all for know.. wuarghhh im tired. and sleepy.

off to bed now. care to join??

Sunday, March 08, 2009


3rd dei of hols: 7th mac 2009 (saterdei)
za xtreem feelin of boghdem forcd mi 2 glu maisef in fron of za computa all dei. laki mai mom was aut 2 prepar 4 za 'maulidurrasul' selebrasyen 4 tomogho. at za skool in fran of ma hous. id donloded kuwait a numba ov gamez fghom iwin, so i desaided 2 test em out. haiv a luke at za firs gem id tried.. at 8.30pm..

afta almos two hourz of pleyin, ai meneged 2 procid to....

quite gud, eh??? haha. but zen i stopd ther az i wuz bord.. diu 2 constan losin, haha.. okei, i plaid kuwait a numba of gamez la8r..


bart in za early mornin, ma sissy (opsie, my sister..) kainda urgd mi 2 plei 'cekgu-cekgu' wit her.. godamn, its 9.30am 4 gossake!! i cant even open ma eyez at taims ma mom draggd mi outta bedrum. n az a gud doter.. (sigh) i sat on za chair n ma sissy started teachin..

end she went on n on... until i started 2 doze off agen...bat den she shoutd at me, hands on her hips 'hey!! dalam kelas tak boleh tido!! bangonn!!' n i wus lyke, 'er haa? haa?? okei okei da bangon da..'. aisy.. lil gal wil olweyz b a lil gal.. wut 2 do... n i managd 2 snap her pics durin za isya' prayer 2geza wit my mom n daddy..

wen i startd 2 pray 2gether as a makmum, she turnd her back n looked at me, sayin 'hey, cepatla solat, abah dah solat tu..' haha, dat kid shore is sumthin..

so hows my writin?? spelling n grammar ok eh?? haha, i need to polish my writin skills even more, i guess...

er annoymous, do tell me.. where did i spell wrong?? lol

Friday, March 06, 2009


2nd day of holiday: 6th march 2009 (friday)
a naked baby sat on the shelf alone by himself. i stared at him for quite a long time. hey, i wasnt staring at his you-know-what ok!! dont get me wrong, my intention was 100% pure. at least for that very moment.. hohoho. ok enough with the crap. so i decided to do something to him. a nice.... lil job that may satisfy him. and myself.

oh come on, dont get me wrong. nothing suggestive or provocative thinking please. ill show u what i meant instead. guess what i was going to do??

tadaa!!!! i made superb clothes for him!!

err.. its a 'he', i know.. but his appearance is more like a 'she' i think.. hehe, maybe ive got zero talent in designing the male clothing lines (hey, i dont have any brother, mind you) so guess its acceptable to disguise him as a lil gal. awww, come on.. i wrapped up his private part already, so no one's gonna question his virginity.. er, wrong word there.. i mean, no ones gonna ever notice that he's actually a boy. pretty clever, huh??? haha, thank you thank you...

what?? u dont believe me eh?? ok, lets have a close-up...

see?? he is more like a girl. em, he looks like a boy if u look carefully. well, minus the pink scarf, pretty sure hes sure a good-looking chap. aint that cute?? awww... i almost fallen in love with him... *dreamy eyes*

and the result is...

another self-satisfactory work of art done by a 19-year-old-gal, a fully-clothed baby boy! er.. baby girl!! er.. whatever, as long as my sissy likes it!! haha


first day of holiday: 5 march 2009 (thursday)
i was too busy pampering my sister (and me!) with color pencils and crayons, trying as much as we can to finish the pages of the coloring book. id say, we'd done quite an impressive work right there. take a look...

hey, its a pretty neat job done by a 4-year-old-kid.. with me being the helper of course, i can say.. the picture appears to be.. a good one! er.. eventho that hello kitty looks kinda weird, and the trees are all green (i colored the non-green tree, lol), i dont think its a biggie ther. after all, its all about self-satisfaction aite?

why dont u give it a try? well.. if u got nothin to do, seems like this one looks fun!! haha

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


what glasses say about you; an interesting unscientific research done on people wearing glasses. quite interesting, id say. its on the yahoo homepage. check it out, yo!

id say.. a gal WITHOUT a pair of glasses is more likely to be a dream-date-partner for the guys. whereas, the kids view a classmate with glasses more genius compared to other who's not wearing the specs. a person who can help u doin the homework, to be specific.. haha.

so... should i?? lol