Friday, March 06, 2009


first day of holiday: 5 march 2009 (thursday)
i was too busy pampering my sister (and me!) with color pencils and crayons, trying as much as we can to finish the pages of the coloring book. id say, we'd done quite an impressive work right there. take a look...

hey, its a pretty neat job done by a 4-year-old-kid.. with me being the helper of course, i can say.. the picture appears to be.. a good one! er.. eventho that hello kitty looks kinda weird, and the trees are all green (i colored the non-green tree, lol), i dont think its a biggie ther. after all, its all about self-satisfaction aite?

why dont u give it a try? well.. if u got nothin to do, seems like this one looks fun!! haha

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