Friday, March 06, 2009


2nd day of holiday: 6th march 2009 (friday)
a naked baby sat on the shelf alone by himself. i stared at him for quite a long time. hey, i wasnt staring at his you-know-what ok!! dont get me wrong, my intention was 100% pure. at least for that very moment.. hohoho. ok enough with the crap. so i decided to do something to him. a nice.... lil job that may satisfy him. and myself.

oh come on, dont get me wrong. nothing suggestive or provocative thinking please. ill show u what i meant instead. guess what i was going to do??

tadaa!!!! i made superb clothes for him!!

err.. its a 'he', i know.. but his appearance is more like a 'she' i think.. hehe, maybe ive got zero talent in designing the male clothing lines (hey, i dont have any brother, mind you) so guess its acceptable to disguise him as a lil gal. awww, come on.. i wrapped up his private part already, so no one's gonna question his virginity.. er, wrong word there.. i mean, no ones gonna ever notice that he's actually a boy. pretty clever, huh??? haha, thank you thank you...

what?? u dont believe me eh?? ok, lets have a close-up...

see?? he is more like a girl. em, he looks like a boy if u look carefully. well, minus the pink scarf, pretty sure hes sure a good-looking chap. aint that cute?? awww... i almost fallen in love with him... *dreamy eyes*

and the result is...

another self-satisfactory work of art done by a 19-year-old-gal, a fully-clothed baby boy! er.. baby girl!! er.. whatever, as long as my sissy likes it!! haha

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