Monday, March 09, 2009


4th day of hols: 8 march 2009 (sunday)
today marked the 2nd time my daddy's car got damaged. a new car, mind ya. i had the honour to perform the ritual.. muahahaha (ursula-like evil laugh). ill show ya the pic later. hoho, my dad pinched ma ear this evening when my he came home. my mom got nothing to say... speechless. clueless. wireless. er.. wrong 'less' aite? yeah, i know. wutever. my mom was lyke 'malas nak layan dah.. kalau bab2 jahanamkan barang bagi je kat ain..' not that she said it out loud, but i just knew it. em, did i mention my special ability to read people's mind? not yet? so now you know.

for now i just wanted to show ya za pics during our program at hilton hotel pj on 12th february. yeah, a bit late but somehow we're still in the mood right.. 100 people attended za event and 40 of em were orphans from rumah penyayang raudhah. ther ya go..

in the ballroom.. cool huh..

announcing ten gorgeous models of international islamic university malaysia petaling jaya.. adorned with the sponsored clothes from...

anngun eksotika..

little dubai collection..

and turkuaz...

please, give a round applause to the models!! then za speacial performances by irfan, bintang kecil mawaddah and feelheart!!! got no pics of feelheart. mind ya, those pics all i got from ma fren atiqa as she was our 'photographer' for that nite. n from kak akmal too. i was too busy babbling.. haha

irfan nasyeed group, the leader was in black and white vest, brother abu hurairah. ayunni, what say you?? haha

bintang kecil raudhah on the stage... super-duper-fabuloustic performance!!

one of the models, kak nurul fadzilah posed with the kids of bintang kecil raudhah. cute, eh?? er.. which one? za kids or za model?? huhuhu

ah-ah.. those three are taken. yes, all of em. so dont ever think about that.. yes i know wut's in your mind, pal. my advice, dont.

those arent the models, sorry eh.. haha. those three are taken. one is still single (and available) but i wont point out who's the one. guess guess guess. hey, where's me? ya guys left me out, eh...

ha, this one's better.. we posed with brother azif, an ex-cfsiium student.. cool, i just love this pic. yeah, he's tall i know. me and ma frenz are all rendang-rendang.. but is that a huge problem for ya??? if not, then fine. lol

opsie... this one's not in the program at all. a bit shaky there cuz we were sitting at the back of the 4x4 triton my daddy just bought... takde keje, cari keje, aite?? haha

dawning in peace and serenity.. lol

so think thatz all for know.. wuarghhh im tired. and sleepy.

off to bed now. care to join??

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