Tuesday, March 31, 2009


even tho i cant get to study fim, but i manage to squeeze math 2 into ma schedule. 2geza with ma friend. hohoho. so now im takin biolab and math 2. lets hav a look at tha pitcha..

a bit shaky, tho... hohoho, actually we ran out of time; that test tube contained hydrolyzed sucrose didnt turn brick red as expected. or was it due to the absence of hydrochloric acid? no no, nad assured me. so maybe we didnt put the benedict reagent in that solution? err.. but we dont have to, right? the manual said put hydrochloric acid in a fresh sample of sucrose. no benedict!! so whats the problem, eh? so we decided to give up on that particular thingy and focused on other experiment. argh... and by that, i mean we have to ask (and copy) the result of someone else's experiment on that ***** sucrose. haishh.. with that L-size-but-looks-like-XXL labcoat, for sure i gotta roll the sleeves each and everytime i enter the lab.

and please.. have a look at this newspaper cuttings... even if you dont want to, i insist. haha, what to do eh??

notice something interesting?? hohoho its tha iium's logo!! haha, not a biggie of course, im just looking forward to be eager on something. as i cant get myself to drool over my secret crush or persuade my dad to give extra money.. this is all i could do.

here's the other half. its tha IIUM Medical City Ground Breaking Ceremony by Pak Lah. ughh. whatever.. (im just gettin all excited on the iium's logo, thats all. nothing more beyond that.)

and during our biolab period, sir mahathir came in and demanded.. (err.. not really demanded lah..)..asked for a few students to attend the so-called-auspicious-and-grandeur-event. he mentioned about the free meal, souvenirs or something; i cant quite catch the words. duh... like i care.

hey, id looove to go but unfortunately ive got class that evening. math 2. and between looking at pak lah's face and focusing on sir azrul's, i choose the latter. plus.. pak lah's not very good-looking, eh? opsss... if najib's comin.. or hishamuddin, i'll rethink. oh no, make it anwar ibrahim. controversial enough. and interesting. way too interesting. hohoho.

whatever... fyi, i pasted that cutting on ma roomboard to show my spirit of patriotism to my beloved iium. lame. yeah i know. (syyhhh jus in case the dean read my blog, maybe he'll reward me with something as ive got what it takes to be a loyal iium student. and for my gratitude and appreciation to iium too. hmm, an award maybe??)

dream on, babe!! not a chance.

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