Saturday, March 14, 2009


next days of hols...
well, its all bout gamez, goofin n playin around, eatin, sleepin n watchin tv's. to say life's been monotonous lately, yes indeed. but its fun livin up like this.

know why?

first, tha financial thingy. u get to spend NOT ur own money, but ur parents's. owh how i love that.. tha big apple dow-narts, yummy chicken rice, sushi, tomyam.. (eh how come its all about food, eh?)

secondly, u dont have to glue ur face in tha books all time as v r in tha holiday spirit. no bookz, no homework, no assignments, no quizzes, no tutorials!! yay me!!

and thirdly, what else? u get to spend quality time witcha FAMILY!! erm, n why did this reason be tha last one?? dunno. dont ask me y.

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