Thursday, April 30, 2009

may i??

i am thinking about adopting a BABY BOY. no. a toddler, to be precise. around 1-2 years old.

but the only problem is...

i dont have any source of income. how can i feed him?

great. another impossible dream created by this 19-year-ol dreamer. *sigh* will she ever wakes up? somebody please knock some sense into the head of this idiot.

ouch. that hurts.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


there's this cat who's been a loyal visitor around here. just now i met him when i went to make instant noodles.

"hey, seems like u r all alone lying there. guess we make quite a team.."

"but the only difference is that u r outside the room while im inside. sorry i cant get u inside.."

on the way back to my room, i forgot to close the door. so he walked inside happily, as if i opened the door for him to get in.

"hey! shoosh! get out!! so now we r both inside, eh??"

he lazily lied under ma friend's bed, and i shoed him using the bottle. he din seem to budge at first; i pulled his tail, grabbed his body and pushed him out. at last. *sigh*

what a night. maybe the cat sensed my loneliness and wanted to be my companion.

"u dont have to, cat. i am doing fine."

Monday, April 27, 2009


that was hilarious.

i went to bookfair last few days, browsing through the ana muslim's collections. novels, comics, notebooks, badges etc.

i was about to pay for the things i bought for my lil sister. the seller said plainly,

"semua skali lapan belas ringgit, puan."

i was like huh?? argh!! am i lookin THAT old to be called ma'am? whaat, you think i bought this stuffs for my daughter, huh? if i told u i aint got married yet, you better give me special discount on that!!

luckily i was sane enough to NOT to say that. instead i played along.

with all-the-so-matured-voice-and-confident-maternity-look i said,

"emm, beg kertas tu berape ye? saye nak beli untuk anak saye ni. emm, RM5? bukan dapat free ke kalau beli banyak? cepat la bagi kat aku beg tuh, nak bagi anak aku la sengal! ni ha, barang2 saya dah beli banyak dah untuk anak saya takkan tak dapat.. (sambil tunjuk plastik barang2 yang aku belik mula-mula tadi) oh okay, terima kasih ye.. (amik beg tuh and cepat2 bubuh barang yang aku beli tadik seblom die ubah pikiran) ko nak datang ikut aku balik tak tengok anak aku?? tak pun suami aku, ha? nak takk?? sengal!"

to think about it again, yes maybe i DID look like a MOM.

omg i cant believe i said THAT. well, considering the fact that was wearing a plain-yet-simple attire with heels (wedges, to be precise), a handbag and hands full of paper bags. and with the serious-yet-so-like-the-mommy look that i got, no wonder i was being mistaken as a PUAN.

haha, what seems to be missing is just a little RING on the mommy's finger.

hm, i think I can figure out how to solve THAT.

welcome aboard, MA'AM!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

more eventful??

i think my birthday was cursed.

later that evening, i went to kuala lumpur convention centre (klcc) to hang out with my friends.

guess what happened?

i lost someone's most beloved thing!! in the toilet! argh, why did i put that thing on the sink and went to pee without even thinking it might be stolen? and since when do i ever think everytime i do other stuffs? blame me.

and i was scared to death. i called my friends and told them. that thing costs almost rm2000 and where can i find that much money? my parents? nay, they will torture me to death if they know. i borrowed my dad's money once. and that's enough. no more.

i paced around the toilet like an idiot, the thoughts ran across my mind. where? how? why? suddenly i thought about my sister. i dialed her number and told her. crying. hey, i din know what else to do, thats why.

my sobs grew louder. my sister calmed me down. she said apologise to my friend and then asked how much that thing costs. she will pay for it no matter how much. just tell her that.i cried.

omg thanx a lot! sometimes i even wonder if she is the biological sister that i knew all along. haha, just kidding. then i told my friend about that incident and apologise several times. i said i will pay back for it. she said RM2000. transfer to the maybank. i told my sister. she said okay.

everything seemed to be temporarily solved. but where can i get that damn 2000 bucks to pay my sister's back?? even my pocket money for 6 months does not cover it all.

seriously, i dont want to remember my birthday anymore after this.

Friday, April 24, 2009


let's review what happened from 12.01 am till now.

1. i almost get a heart attack when my friends knocked the door and brought me the rubbish baskets. they even ask me if i dont mind being showered with all the garbage. duh. fyi guys, that is soo not the right way to celebrate someone's birthday, lol.

2. my bestfriend experienced quesy feelings in her stomach and decided to go to the hospital a.k.a ppum at that 12.30am. the four of us accompanied her on a car ride with our fellow's husband. i sat at the front seat and the moment i opened the car door, small roaches scaterred at the dashboard. argghhh!! i screamed silently and prayed continuously so they dont ever fall on to my lap.

3. the emergency department was soo full with people and we had to wait almost like 2 hours to pass through and met the doctor.

4. after several visits to the checking room, took the blood pressure and examined by the doctor; my friend had been told that she had to wait for the other doctor to recheck her again. another tenseful waiting moment to bear.

5. she had been told again that she had to stay overnight in the ward. wait for the doctor to come later (if only i knew later means 8.30am...)

6. several trips to the toilets are a must. me and my friend were scolded by the nurse-on-duty because we lied on the patient's bed. i cant stand to make faces and stuck my tongues out to her when she's not looking. swear i wont let her working with me if i ever open my own clinic. that unfriendly-cold-hearted nurse. doesnt she ever hear of the word polite?

7. at 4.30am after few minutes of gossiping and babbling, we decided to sleep. she's on the bed. the three of us sat on the chair, leaning against the bed; our head on the mattress. brrrr... i never feel so icy and cold like that in my whole life. i was exaggerating a bit but really, that air-conditioned ward left me shivering and trembling all time.

8. later that morning at 6.30am, i was left alone with my sick friend. turned out they went to the musolla to lie comfortably on the carpet. i slept so well so they dont even bother to wake me up. if the well means getting a worn-out neck muscle and painful backache, id rather not sleeping at all. er.. i should reconsider the last sentence.

9. the most important thing in my world did not seem to last long. my sony e almost ran out of battery. but i let my sick friend had my last-longer-than-theirs battery for her phone so me and the others had lost connection to the outer world. we had not had our shower even. i dont really mind actually as all of us had the same-stench-for-skipping-bath aura. haha. extreme, huh?

10. at 9.30am we went to the cafe to grab breakfast. our financial situation limited us to spend more than we want to. as me and my friend paid for the RM20 registration earlier, not many bucks were left. the four of us shared three plates of scrambled eggs, baked beans, breads and bread pudding. pathethic, huh?

11. i had my big-P day and not prepared for it. i can say, the lack of proper attire and suitable material for it forced me to sulk intensely. we got back here just now by cab. in the shower, my glasses almost fell into the drain but i managed to grab it. my life would probably sucks without my one-and-only glasses.

i am anxious to know what kind of exciting and adventure moments await me later this evening. late for the bus? car-accident? money lost? bump into a handsome guy, perhaps? duh.

my friends all wished me 'happy birthday and have a great day!'.

instead i muttered under my breath, 'what great day?'

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


another fine day in the biology lab...

right after we did our successful experiments, guess what else we did? grabbed the phone, gave it to classmate and posed. there's only four student in our so-called lab group as we prefer to do things our way without anyone interfering. by other means, the more the messier.

ten years from now, they will be (from left): the eager doctor, the reluctant doctor, the careful radiologist and the brilliant scientist. i wonder if the second from left will be able to be a doctor after all. her mind seems really not into the medical thingy. i wonder if her parents ever let her pursue what she loves to do instead of locking her up in the cage of medical world. so.. pathetic. *sigh*

instead of arguing whether the real pronunciation of connect is kon-nect or ken-nect and be amused by the way our lecturer mention wott instead of what.. we find it rather satisfying to express the feelings in an orderly manner: taking piccha.

and sometimes when certain fuses and wires in our brain experience a fatal damage, the situation can be worse. it may lead to various burst of emotions, and mood swing is one of them.

here's the thing. to obtain 10ml of saliva to be used in the experiment is waaay too damn difficult. yes, saliva. i wonder if the people who love to spit may give us free samples of their saliva. for the experiment purpose, of course. but still, ewww...

i had to sit under the bench for about 20 minutes to extract the saliva. mine, of course. duh. tell ya, its tiring. especially when you had to constantly rinse your mouth and drink a lot of water to stimulate the salivary gland. and your mouth became sore after the that.

when i came out of my hidden hideout, the looks and stares that i got from my groupmate were hilarious. i resist the urge to laugh at their complexion. picture this: a girl holding a 10ml of cloudy, colourless and bubbling saliva in a small beaker was grinning widely from ear-to-ear to celebrate her excellent try in obtaining the saliva. yeah, thats me.

the author refused to publish the real image of the saliva as it may revoke uncomfortable feelings and unexpected reactions among her readers.

Monday, April 20, 2009

bon appetite!

these are the favourites-of-all-time dishes among the girls in zainab college.

chicken chop - RM4.50 and chicken maryland (with sausage like above pic) - RM5.00

plain rice, fried egg and tomyam (chicken or mixed) - RM 4.00

claypot rice - RM 3.00 and claypot yee-mee - RM 3.50

spaghetti - RM 3.00

and if we feel like eating the nasi campur, all sorts of dishes are here. chicken + rice + veggies - RM 3.20. the price is not always the same all the time; depending on which makcik you paid. the older makcik gives you cheaper than the not-so-old one so when its pay time, be sure to rush to the older makcik. and make sure you keep smiling too.

to save your pocket money, what you need is strategy. a good one.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


i only get to know bout ma frens' blog TODAY and they dont even bother to tell me about their BLOG for all these YEARS??

yeah maybe i was a bit exaggerating, but come on guys.. i was in the dark these days thinking that you guys dont OWN a blog, thats why i dont bother asking. and to know the truth, i am waaay too DISAPPOINTED. i mean, how hard it is to post me a comment and leave your bloglink, eh?? is it difficult just to drop by and say hello? or even assalamualaykum, much better. ahhh but that wasnt my point. *sigh*

i knew fawwaz has a blog but i cant get through it, dunno whether he'd deleted it or something. irfan just left me a comment LATELY and thank you so much, i get to know about your blog TODAY! and sharaf, thank you also for NOT telling me. i appreciate that. really.

and i get the chance to pass through the blogs of shake, bunyamin, mira, sarah, amir, shahrir, meo, kak sufi, najibah, fatehah lotpi and not forgetting ma frens in smart; nantini, azreeza and aimi. nad, update is needed!! and alli, your blog is making me dizzy, always with the detailed stuffs and a lot of thinking!! haha. i always love eric's blog, full of wonderful bookz!! and nicole's, with amazing destinations to visit!! ahh i wish i can get to travel abroad some days soon. be patience, ain. soon enough you'll travel. lol.

and where was i just now?

ha, those silly rambling bout the blogs. i wonder how many of my FRIENDS haven't told me a SINGLE thing about their blogs.

and you must be thinking; does it matter if they dont tell YOU that? its a simple thing, no need to be so upset. maybe they wanna keep some privacy. maybe they just DONT like you know about it. maybe.. maybe..

whatever u said, i dont care because..

yes. it matters. to me.

positive glow

here's the chance...

10 ways to be surrounded by positive vibes:

think of something that makes you happy.. or someone. that will do just.. fine.

keep good people by your side and let bygones be bygones.

be positive-minded all the time, stay away from negativity.

pat your shoulder and assure yourself that everything's gonna be alrite.

spread your angelic wings to the people around you. smile.

read any materials in order to help you stay calm when challenges arise.

remember them by heart to remind you of what you want to do with your life.

read books, listen to CDs or watch videos about the road to success.

either motivational talks or spiritual workshops, always attend them to be more motivated.

look after yourself and dont stress out. just be happy and healthy.

(Chia, C., Adopt A Positive Attitude, The Star, April 15 2009)

... to apply what i've learnt in EAP (English For Academic Purpose) last semester.

this is what we called paraphrasing~writing new sentences from an article by using our own words without changing the real meaning.. very useful in doing thesis and final term paper - avoid plagiarism and not being labelled as a copy-cat.

pretty darn good, eh??? *wink*

Madam Raja Zarina, you must be proud of me! hehe.

and speaking of setting our own goals of life, hm... i have a few of em. but i cant be so sure whether those are realistic and achievable or not. *smile knowingly*

Monday, April 13, 2009

a mess!

at times when i get bored at home, i tried to seek something pleasant to do. n always it ended up with some silly kiddy stuff in which i find it rather satisfying.

like these sets of dishes made from from my sister's colourful plasticines. id say.. those r wonderful! from my personal opinion lor.. hehe.

okay now lets have a close-ups..

more.. more.. zoom in, please..

yes, thatz better. pretty unclear as i took those from my mobiles. easy to bluetooth to my laptop n easy to upload in here. haha.

and the result goes like this..

wuhuuu... another art produced by me!! kui3.

what a great sight, isn't it? and that was before my sister created havoc and steamrolled every pieces into a giant plasticine ball. the evidence? here..

and my girl-to-be became bald.. so sad..

you can still see the black lines of hairs attached to that giant ball up there. waaa... i want my girl's hairs back!! my sister grinned broadly after she successfully ruined my lil girl's reputation - by making her bald!!! next time i wanna do anything, i'll make sure to get her hands tied up first. and those colourful clays vanished in the blink of eyes. puff!! and it became..

clear and deserted.. no trace of colourful plasticines anymore..

that girl, i'm sure to get her locked up in the room one day just to ensure she doesn't mess with my project again.

and if i do that, my mom sure yelling at me, 'ain!!!! main dengan adik tu!!!'

guess i just have to let her do anything she wants. if by anything means letting her toying around with my things and acting like a naughty little kiddo, then i reckon pinching her ears a bit wont hurt.

after all, have you heard about an eye for an eye? im getting used to that when im dealing with ma lil 4-year-old-sister.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


how would it be living in a princess world?

would everything turns out as well as we expected? huge castle, rich family, enchanted panorama, prince charming and happily-ever-after as well?

perhaps the life doesnt fit you at all.. maybe it changes you, turning you into someone else.. how pretentious it would be..

hm.. as the princesses' image has always been squeaky-clean for all these years, i wouldnt mind be in her shoes even for a day..

wake up ain, u r day-dreamin again!

Monday, April 06, 2009


im starting to miss all the delicious food ive had at home. *stomach grumbles*

and home-made vanilla milkshake!! awww... i love it!

and remember i told you about my-dad's-new-car-accident? its not as bad as you think, okay. just a few scratches.

im gonna go back to math now. till next time.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

happy besday!!!

so ive figured out what to give to my sister. here, have a look...



tadaa!!! er.. some of 'em were from my mom lah, only a few from me. and my elder sis, ah... (we only split the money to buy the pink bratz pc games, thats all.. so i guess my gifts were lots more than hers, haha)

hm, how to say, eh.. it was like the gifts were all officially from my mom and dad as it was their money i've been using. but, well.. guess i shouldve been given few credits for chosing the right gifts for my sissy. haha. hey, it wasnt easy. required hard work and critical thinking. spent almost two hours in popular bookstore to find em. er, is it? haha, whatever.

btw, its fun buying all those stuffs. considering the fact that you actually enjoy buying the gifts and enjoy playing them as well. haha.

while my mom bought her this:

ive bought her this:

its the disney princesses bag!! super-duper cutie!! yeah i know!! *giggles* although its kinda cheap, but still.. worth it! i just looove it! er.. is that for me or my sister? ah whatever.. as long as we both like it.. i mean, we can share the bag and use it together. no big deal. er.. right, sissy??

ah one more thing, another cheap gift. well, if you look at the price tag, of course it is...

phew, lucky its not very clear there.. haha. tho the cards are cheap (and affordable), what matters is the sincerity and good intention, right?

if its me, i dont really care what kind of gift i got...

as long as it is..

wrapped up nicely with expensive flowery wrappers...

on top of it is a big and pink ribbon..

must have a cute birthday card enclosed together..

and must be pink also..

and what matters to me the most...

the gift must be the one the i like, if not.. i'll just throw it in the garbage bin!!

so.. i guess no one's gonna gimme a birthday present soon. haha.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


a call came in.

my sister.

"kak ain, kak ain balik bile? hari ahad 5hb nanti birthday izzah. ingat tao".

few seconds later, my phone rang. again.

it's she. again.

"kak ain, lupe nak cakap. hari sabtu nanti izzah nak call tao. jangan tutup phone".

then no more after that.

hm, so now what am i going to give to my sissy for a birthday present??