Wednesday, April 22, 2009


another fine day in the biology lab...

right after we did our successful experiments, guess what else we did? grabbed the phone, gave it to classmate and posed. there's only four student in our so-called lab group as we prefer to do things our way without anyone interfering. by other means, the more the messier.

ten years from now, they will be (from left): the eager doctor, the reluctant doctor, the careful radiologist and the brilliant scientist. i wonder if the second from left will be able to be a doctor after all. her mind seems really not into the medical thingy. i wonder if her parents ever let her pursue what she loves to do instead of locking her up in the cage of medical world. so.. pathetic. *sigh*

instead of arguing whether the real pronunciation of connect is kon-nect or ken-nect and be amused by the way our lecturer mention wott instead of what.. we find it rather satisfying to express the feelings in an orderly manner: taking piccha.

and sometimes when certain fuses and wires in our brain experience a fatal damage, the situation can be worse. it may lead to various burst of emotions, and mood swing is one of them.

here's the thing. to obtain 10ml of saliva to be used in the experiment is waaay too damn difficult. yes, saliva. i wonder if the people who love to spit may give us free samples of their saliva. for the experiment purpose, of course. but still, ewww...

i had to sit under the bench for about 20 minutes to extract the saliva. mine, of course. duh. tell ya, its tiring. especially when you had to constantly rinse your mouth and drink a lot of water to stimulate the salivary gland. and your mouth became sore after the that.

when i came out of my hidden hideout, the looks and stares that i got from my groupmate were hilarious. i resist the urge to laugh at their complexion. picture this: a girl holding a 10ml of cloudy, colourless and bubbling saliva in a small beaker was grinning widely from ear-to-ear to celebrate her excellent try in obtaining the saliva. yeah, thats me.

the author refused to publish the real image of the saliva as it may revoke uncomfortable feelings and unexpected reactions among her readers.


  1. Ceh, you look cute when you're not wearing spectacles. :D :D :D

  2. haha, whatever la sarah... *blush*