Monday, April 20, 2009

bon appetite!

these are the favourites-of-all-time dishes among the girls in zainab college.

chicken chop - RM4.50 and chicken maryland (with sausage like above pic) - RM5.00

plain rice, fried egg and tomyam (chicken or mixed) - RM 4.00

claypot rice - RM 3.00 and claypot yee-mee - RM 3.50

spaghetti - RM 3.00

and if we feel like eating the nasi campur, all sorts of dishes are here. chicken + rice + veggies - RM 3.20. the price is not always the same all the time; depending on which makcik you paid. the older makcik gives you cheaper than the not-so-old one so when its pay time, be sure to rush to the older makcik. and make sure you keep smiling too.

to save your pocket money, what you need is strategy. a good one.


  1. I've tasted all of them, LOL. :D
    Yeah, the not-so-old makcik labelled my face as 'RM 3 face'.
    Aysik-asyik RM 3.00. Hahaha

  2. pah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hi, salam kenal...
    "bon appetite", indeed for saving your pocket money, good strategy is needed...
    looks delicious..

  4. pah kuat mkn!!!!gile seyh!!
    padan la habis smua mknn hehehe

  5. sarah-haha, told ya... strategy, babe.. strategy...

    anonymous-er... hii!!

    days of dee tresna - yes! super-yummy delicious! haha

    sharaf-amboi2 ko x abes2 nk carik gadoh ngan aku yek, sharap? da kalo aku mkn bnyk pown, perot aku... xdek kaitan ngan kau pown.. bweekk.

  6. akakaka mslhnye,hbis smua mknn,cmne org2 nk mkn..concern ni hahahah..padahal takut mknn kat smua cafe ko bedal,mane la aku nk cr mknn nnti kekekeke

  7. murahnye..!!!
    susah nak cari makanan sesedap ini di KL semurah ini..

    p/s: belanje sy buleh??

  8. sharaf-sengal!!

    DOTA fan-emmm.. belanje ek??? yang tuh kene pikir dua tige kali lu ah.. hehe

  9. i'm a walking talking ZC's spagetti fan.


  10. haha!! me luv spagetti too, liz!! =)