Wednesday, April 29, 2009


there's this cat who's been a loyal visitor around here. just now i met him when i went to make instant noodles.

"hey, seems like u r all alone lying there. guess we make quite a team.."

"but the only difference is that u r outside the room while im inside. sorry i cant get u inside.."

on the way back to my room, i forgot to close the door. so he walked inside happily, as if i opened the door for him to get in.

"hey! shoosh! get out!! so now we r both inside, eh??"

he lazily lied under ma friend's bed, and i shoed him using the bottle. he din seem to budge at first; i pulled his tail, grabbed his body and pushed him out. at last. *sigh*

what a night. maybe the cat sensed my loneliness and wanted to be my companion.

"u dont have to, cat. i am doing fine."


  1. haha, pah2.....what happened to ur bf?????

  2. haha. v r in the middle of a crisis now.

    but no worries, later he'll call me. im pretty sure he will. haha.