Monday, April 27, 2009


that was hilarious.

i went to bookfair last few days, browsing through the ana muslim's collections. novels, comics, notebooks, badges etc.

i was about to pay for the things i bought for my lil sister. the seller said plainly,

"semua skali lapan belas ringgit, puan."

i was like huh?? argh!! am i lookin THAT old to be called ma'am? whaat, you think i bought this stuffs for my daughter, huh? if i told u i aint got married yet, you better give me special discount on that!!

luckily i was sane enough to NOT to say that. instead i played along.

with all-the-so-matured-voice-and-confident-maternity-look i said,

"emm, beg kertas tu berape ye? saye nak beli untuk anak saye ni. emm, RM5? bukan dapat free ke kalau beli banyak? cepat la bagi kat aku beg tuh, nak bagi anak aku la sengal! ni ha, barang2 saya dah beli banyak dah untuk anak saya takkan tak dapat.. (sambil tunjuk plastik barang2 yang aku belik mula-mula tadi) oh okay, terima kasih ye.. (amik beg tuh and cepat2 bubuh barang yang aku beli tadik seblom die ubah pikiran) ko nak datang ikut aku balik tak tengok anak aku?? tak pun suami aku, ha? nak takk?? sengal!"

to think about it again, yes maybe i DID look like a MOM.

omg i cant believe i said THAT. well, considering the fact that was wearing a plain-yet-simple attire with heels (wedges, to be precise), a handbag and hands full of paper bags. and with the serious-yet-so-like-the-mommy look that i got, no wonder i was being mistaken as a PUAN.

haha, what seems to be missing is just a little RING on the mommy's finger.

hm, i think I can figure out how to solve THAT.

welcome aboard, MA'AM!


  1. Puan Nourelain.
    Hoho. Who's the TUAN Nourelain?
    Relax la.. They're trying to be polite. And maybe you looked a bit matured. Hey, it was a compliment, right?

  2. i hate that u were right, sarah..
    the TUAN is still out there..

  3. pah!!

    this is nawal..and fareez too...

    guess what?


    hahaha gotcha!

  4. hahahaha.. sengal la pah..